Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bargarh police busted inter-district fake currency racket

In a major break through, Bargarh police busted a racket that was active in circulating fake currency in the district. Police seized huge quantity of fake currency along with the manufacturing unit from village Sahajbahal under Binka police station of Sonepur district on Wednesday night. Police arrested 3 persons including the kingpin of the nefarious trade from his house who identified as Biswamitra Mahananda. The other two accused were Josobanta Majhi of Mahulbahali and Anang @ Ajay sagaria of Gunesh village, both under Tureleka police station of Bolangir district.  Police describing it a major achievement, apprehended arrest of few more persons shortly.
“It is a major achievement for the Bargarh Police. We have so far have seized fake currency of Rs.1, 25,650.00 of 1000/500/100 and 50 denominations. We have also seized colour Xerox machine, colour scanner, printer, chemicals and JK excel bond paper 1000 piece, huge nos of currency notes under preparation. We have arrested 3 persons including the master mind Biswamitra. But we apprehend involvement of few other persons in the trade”, deputy Superintendent of police (Bargarh) Nagendra Nayak said
Police sources said, acting on a tip off, police nabbed on Anang @ Ajay Sagaria of Turekela rencely with fake currency while he was circulating it Bargarh town. Police seized 4 fake currencies from him. From him police found the identity of one Josobanta Majhi of Bolangir. Both described them as agent of Biswamitra.
After getting information about the kingpin, one of our officers Dilip Swain went to the village of Biswamitra, identifying himself as Iswar Sharma, a trader of Sohela and intended to purchase fake currency. When Viswamitra came with fake currency, we came from the hide out and arrested him. On search we found the manufacturing unit of the fake currency that was functioning in his house  
On interrogation the culprits disclosed of having training in Andhra Pradesh to learn the technique of preparing fake currency. The Rs 1000 rupee series are OAL 833060,61,436417,833054,833057,833059,833062,Rs 100 rupee series,5HF228572,6BUJ 525713,6BU 071775,6BU 071 776,8LE 619325,Rs 500 rupee series 4 DU 241484,2KW 369413,2 AN 541079.

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