Friday, December 25, 2009

KVIC official caught red handed in Sambalpur while taking bribe

The CBI sleuth caught one official of KVIC, Sambalpur red handed on Thursday while he was accepting a bribe of Rs.5.000/- from a beneficiary to sanction his loan application. CBI arrested the accused and registered a case against himSources said, Khadi and village industry corporation office located in Sambalpur has been looking after the promotional of village-industry of about 10 districts of western Orissa. Under the PMEGP scheme, government of India is giving subsidy of Rs.3 lakhs to each beneficiary. Under the scheme KVIC will select the beneficiary to provide a loan of Rs.10 lakhs to start a small scale industry in rural area.Pramod Nayak of Katapali under Jharsuguda district was an applicant who got selected by the KVIC for a project. But the development officer of the KVIC demanded his 2% of the subsidy amount which comes to Rs.15.000/- before release of the loan amount in his favour. Finding no alternative Pramod agreed to pay him in 3 installments. As per the programme he was supposed to give Rs.5 thousand to the officer on Thursday. But before coming to Sambalpur Pramod he contacted CBI office at Rourkela and according to the plan, the CBI sleuths caught the officer red handed while he was accepting the bribe amount of Rs. 5,000/- from Pramod. The accused was identified as Laxmi Narayan Reddy. “We registered a case and arrested him under Prevention of corruption act”, an official of the CBI told.

heroic send off for Bargarh cop died in Narayanpatna

It was a Hero's send-off for the cop on Friday in his native village of Barahamunda in Bargarh district who died in Narayanpatna blast on the previous day. Senior officials of police and administration, along with citizens and local people’s representative paid tribute to the deceased cop before his dead body was cremated in his native village on Friday.
The slain SOG commando Gangadhar Dalai’s body that killed in a blast on his way to Narayanpatna on Thursday was reached to his native district head quarter Bargarh on Friday morning. Before proceed to his native village of Barahamunda, senior officials including SP and collector gave rich tribute to the deceased’s body. Later the body was brought to his village where it was cremated in a grieve atmosphere. Gun salute was given in presence of the Collector (Bargarh) SP Padhi and SP (Bargarh) S Soorya Thankappan before the body was cremated.
‘He promised me to come on Friday. I was waiting for his coming. But he cheated me. He did not come but his dead body came” cousin Tapas who performed the last rites of the cremation told. According to he had a talk with Gangadhar on Wednesday night over phone when he promised to come back on Friday as he would go to Narayanpatna on Thursday.
Gangadhar, the only son of Minaketan Dalai and surekha of Barahamunda under Attabira police station of Bargarh district had joined in OSAP about 2 years ago. He became SOG commando and posted in Koraput after completion of his training. He was 3 unmarried sisters. The family was preparing the marriage of his elder sister Bimla. I could not believe it. “In his absent how I would able to complete the marriage of my daughters’, father of deceased cop Minaketan sobbed. "It was a sad moment for his family. He will forever remain a hero in the police record," SP (Bargarh) S Soorya Thankappan told while paying tribute to the deceased body.
SP handed over a cheque of Rs. 8 lakhs to the deceased parents. The district administration of Bargarh has also released Rs.10 thousand for the last rituals of the deceased. The legislature (Attabira) Nihar Ranjan Mahananda promised to install a statue of the deceased cop in his native village while he was paying tribute the deceased cop’s body.
It may be informed that one Sukanta Sahu (23), a resident of Bandhapali village of Sambalpur district was killed on 18th June this year in same condition. He was working as driver in police department in koraput district and was going to Narayanpatna when a landmine blast near occurred at Palur in Koraput district killing nine cops including Sukanta.

13th Sambalpuri stagedrama competition begins in Sambalpur

The 13th state level sambalpuri play competition begins from Sambalpur from Thursday evening being inaugurated by the health minister Prasanna Acharya. The competition will continue till 31st December. Inaugurating the competition health minister termed the competition as a part of the on going language revolution that is brewing in the western part of the Orissa. ‘Such competition is needed in the region to boost the cultural and language revolution that is going on in the western Orissa’, Acharya said. Eminent BJD youth leader Rohit Pujari who was also present on this occasion congratulated the organizers creating a stage for the artists of the region to perform their art.The competition is organized by the youths of Jharuapara under the baaner of ‘Yuba Undayan’ where 28 plays are being staged by the artists every year over the past 13 years. We have completed 12 years and this is our 13th years. “Every year we select at least 28 troupes to perform their original sambalpuri plays. During the years we have created more than 50 new play groups and more than 300 original stage-dramas have been produced across the state. We do not know how long we will continue this only with the support of the local people’ convener of the competition Sanjay Mishra told.It may be mentioned here that Yuba Udayan started the competition during 1997 with the active support of the artists of the region. The competition is going on every year uninterruptedly every year with out any financial support of the government. “We have not received a single pie from the government but with the help of the local organizations and people we dare to organize it every year”, another organizer Jagadish Mishra told.
on this occasion the eminent lyricist and singer Ratan Pujari got felicitated for his commendable job in the field of promoting sambalpuri songs and culture.

25 persons injured in Bargarh as the light burst off in Dhanuyatra

At least 25 artists and media persons including senior government officials including the collector and CDMO of Bargarh district have been reportedly injured during the progress of world famous Dhanuyatra on its third day on Wednesday with the sudden burst out of halogen and bar light near the Yatra pendal. Though no one was seriously wounded, still the incident created a panic among the people watching the event. The injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. It was for the first time such an incident occurred during Dhanuyatra.
“Initially we could not understand. But looking to the broken glass pieces that struck on my face and other part of body, I guessed the actual situation. We were taken to the hospital immediately where we treated. Though injuries were not serious still it was sufficient to panic people’, cameraperson of a news TV channel Ranjan Singhdeo told.
Mythological story that goes as, lord Krishna was taken birth as the 8th issue of Devaki who was prisoned by demon king Kansa after he heard that he was killed in the hand of 8th issue of his sister Devaki. But when lord Krishna took birth no one in the prison was awaked. Basudev, husband of Devaki took lord Krishna to Gopapur crossing the river Jamuna and brought a girl replacing lord Krishna in her place. Kansa rushed to prison soon he heard about the 8th issue of sister Devaki. But he disappointed when he saw a girl child. But he did not want to take a chance and tried to kill the girl child. But the child disappeared from his hand moment before he smashed girl.
So every thing was performed by the artists as per the story. The moment Kansa heard about the 8th issue of Devaki, he rushed to the place. The Samaleswari temple of Bargarh town was the place where organizing committee converted it as the prison of demon king Kansa. Kansa reached the place at about 8.30 pm Wednesday. He was supposed to smash the girl child. He threw the replica of a girl child.
Sources said, the replica hit with a light fitted above the roof of the temple and suddenly the halogen and bar lights fitted nearby were burst out with a cracking sound. The broken pieces sparked out and hit the people standing nearly.
“Several persons got minor injuries with this. We took them to the hospital. Situation is under control. However it would not affect the functioning of the Dhanuyatra”, SP (Bargarh) Surya Thankappan told.
On the other hand, people believe that such an incident took place because of the negligent attitude of the organizing committee. “I think it was accidental but for the satisfaction I have directed to investigate the matter to know the exact circumstance of the occurrence”, collector (Bargarh) and chairman of the organizing committee SP Padhi told.

prime accused in paikmal gang rape surrendered

The prime accused in Paikmal gang rape Mahesh Agrawal .who remained absconded over the past 7 months was finally surrendered before a SDJM court of Padmapur in Bargarh district on Tuesday. He was sent to judicial custody after magistrate rejected his bail plea in the evening. He would remain inside the sub-divisional jail till the court passes a bail order in his fevour. Accused Mahesh Agrawal was also the chairman of Paikmal block and was a close-aide of the tribal welfare minister Bijay Ranjan Singh Bariha. He took the step following the ultimatum of Orissa high court asking him to surrender before the lower court before 23rd December while disposing his interim bail petition. With this almost all 6 accused persons have come under judicial custody.
‘He was surrendered before the SDJM, Padmapur on Tuesday on the ultimatum of the Orissa high court while disposing his petition on 17th last. He was asked to surrender before the lower court before 23rd or else he would be ready for the consequences. Finding no alternative he finally surrendered before the court. He was sent to judicial custody on the rejection of the bail petition’, a senior counsel of Padmapur court said.
Sources said, Mahesh and 5 others were accused in the gang-rape of 24 years unmarried Dalit girl of Bhukhamunda under Paikmal police station of the Bargarh district on Monday (11th May). The incident took place in a godown on the behest of the block chairman Mahesh Agrawal. Victim had been to block chairman Mahesh Agrawal’s office in connection to an appointment of Anganwadi worker. The chairman allegedly exploited her sexually and sent her with one Gananidhi Nag who took her to a godown of Sajan Agrawal where 3 persons including Gunanidhi, Sajan, and Pintu Pradhan raped her. Later she was taken to another place where two namely Kunal Singh Bariha and Kamalesh Sribastav raped her. Basing on the complaint of the victim girl Paikmal police registered a case against the accused persons including the block chairman Mahesh Agrawal, but failed to arrest any one as they all managed to give a slip to the local police. Since Mahesh was an active member of BJD and close aide of the tribal minister Bijay Ranjan Singh Bariha, government handed over the case to Crime Branch police to suppress the hue and cry of the opposition.
It may be mentioned here that 5 accused persons including Gunanidhi Nag, Sajan Agrawal, Pintu Pradhan and Kamalesh Sribastav have been arrested by the Crime Branch and local police on various occasions. Now surrender of the prime accused Mahesh Agrawal will be enable to the crime branch police to submit the charge-sheet of the case against the accused persons as soon as possible. “We will soon submit the charge-sheet against the accused persons to begin the trail against them immediately’, a senior police officer of Crime Branch police said.
It may be mentioned here that accused Kunal Singh Bariha, nephew of the tribal minister Bijay Ranjan Singh Bariha is still at large.

Dhanuyatra bigins in Bargarh

The world famous Dhanu Yatra begins from Monday and with this Bargarh, cultural hub nub of Western Orissa comes under the rule of the Demon king Kansa who continues to rule the city till 31st Dec. the end of the year. The portrayal of king Kansa is considered as the main attraction of the 11-day long Yatra which will conclude on 31st Dec with the death of the demon king Kansa. In the festival every one is considered as an artist as people are considered as the obedient subjects of the kingdom of the king Kansa.The Yatra commences with the coronation of Kansa, the demon king of Matura and concludes with his death at the hands of lord Krishna. People
from all over the town take part in this theatre festival as they become the subjects of the king Kansa. And the whole area is transformed in to the kingdom of Kansa, just it was centuries back. Hrusikesh Bhoi, a 37 years young artist and by profession driver in a government office has been performing the role of Kansa and is trying hard to give more attraction to the carnival. It is his 2nd year of playing the role. Bargarh town is transformed in to Mathurapuri, the capital of Kansa’s kingdom and its residents become the obedient subjects of Kansa. The neighboring village Ambapali becomes the Gopapur and the River Jira which passes through both places is treated as river Jamuna.Organizers have been giving thrust on the role of the Kansa as he remains the main attraction of the Yatra. There were as many as 10 persons who have already performed the role of Kansa successfully since the inception of the Dhanu Yatra in the year 1948. Late Bundi Rath was the Kansa for few occasions in the initial periods and Judhistir Sathpathy did it for 15 years. Bhimsen Tripathy, Radhesyam Dash, Nilanchal Dash, Bhubaneswar Pradhan and Sanjib Dash had also performed the role of Kansa for short period. But it was the cop Gopal Sahu aka Eli who is considered champion with performing longest time of 22 years. But the organizing committee has replaced him since last year and Hrusikesh Bhoi becomes the new Kansa.
During the festival Kansa is made to mount on an elephant and goes round the town every day for a ‘Nagar Parikram’ and imposes fine on persons violating the law of his kingdom. He also listens to grievances of the people in his ‘Darbar’ and passes order to the officials including the Collector and SP of the District, as they become the officials of his court during the festival.
During the festival performance of all possible scenes starting from the birth of lord Krishna to the death of king Kansa in series every day. The festival comes to an end after the death of demon king Kansa.“This year we have planned to give more thrust on the cultural and folk dance of the region. Apart from the Mythological scenes we want to involve cultural and dance tropes of across the country.” collector and chairman of the managing committee Suresh Prasad Padhi told.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Laywers go for hungerstrike for indefinite for High court bench

Sambalpur lawyers have decided to go for hunger strike for indefinite period from the coming republic day in protest against the government apathetic attitude on the establishment of a permanent bench of the high court in western Orissa. They also decided to completely paralyze the judiciary of the region till government takes a suitable step on their long pending demand from January.

“We have decided to intensify our agitation from the New Year in protest against he government’s silence on the high court bench issue. You are talking about justice at door step, but when question of decentralization of high court comes, you behave as if you know nothing about the issue. We have been fighting on this particular issue over the past 3 decades but government takes no step to redress out genuine demand. So we have given an ultimatum to the both chief minister and governor to take immediate step on this issue before 26th of January”, president of the district Bar Association Pradeep Kumar Bohidar told.

Sources said, lawyers of the region are presently up in arms following the antagonist act of the state government in regard to the establishment of a Orissa high court bench in the western region of the state. During each election, political parties make it a prime issue in their manifesto but soon after election they forget it. “We do not have faith on political parties after hearing so many assurances on this issue during election. Now we decide to make it a public movement to achieve goal. We will create such a situation when government will bound to take action”, general secretary of the district bar association Chitta Ranjan Panda told.

The lawyers have also decided to begin economic blockade on 26th December as the last working day of the year. They will block all good vehicles plying on the National highway on that day. “We have decided to block the goods trucks on 26th December. However we will allow other vehicles to run on the road”, Panda told. .

It may be informed the lawyers of the region are agitating since a long time for the establishment of a high court bench in western Orissa. As per the decision of the central action committee of the western Orissa bar associations, judicial courts and revenue offices are being closed down on last 3 working days of each month. This time due to x-mas holiday agitation will be held on 23rd, 24th and 26th of December.

new train between Surat and Puri en-routes Sambalpur

Good news for railways commuters. Railways has introduced a train between Puri and Surat scheduled to be begun its running from 20th December. The 2743 Puri-Surat weekly super fast express will leave will leave Puri at 7.50 pm every Sunday and will reach Surat at 03.20 a.m on every Tuesday. In the return direction, 2744 Surat-Puri weekly super fast Express will leave Surat at 08.30a.m on every Tuesday and will reach Puri at 04.15p.m on every Wednesday.

According to a press-release of the Sambalpur Divisional office, both the train will have stoppages at Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar, Dhenkanal, Talcher Road, Angul, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Balangir, Titlagarh, Kantabanji, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, Bhusaval and Jalgaon between Puri and Surat having One AC-2 tier, One AC-3 tier, Eight Sleeper Class, Six General Second Class and Two Guard-cum-luggage vans in its composition. Similarly railway has decided to extend the Bhubaneswar-Raipur intercity express to Puri from 20th December. 8425 Puri-Raipur Inter City Express will leave from Puri at 05.45 p.m and Khurda Road at 06. 50 p.m and in the return direction, 8426 Raipur-Bhubaneswar Express will leave Bhubaneswar at 07.35a.m, Khurda Road at 08.20a.m and will arrive Puri at 09.35a.m. The timings and stoppages for Puri-Raipur-Puri Inter City Express between Bhubaneswar and Raipur will be same as earlier.

bargarh police hauled huge quantity of explosive meterials

Bargarh police hauled huge quantity of explosive materials from Pudiatikira village under sadar police station limits on wee hours of Friday and arrested one accused under explosive act. However police failed to arrest another one who manages to escape soon after the raid. However police are yet to confirm the source where the material was coming to Bargarh in such a huge quantity.

Police sources said, .in a tip off police got the information and with direct supervision of the SP, police raided the house of Harekrisna Behera and one another person in the village Pudiatikira near Bargarh town and seized huge quantity of explosive materials. Police confirmed that 2100 of non-electronic detonators, 1075 of electronic detonators, huge quantity of chemicals powder including sulfur, ammonium nitrogen and phosphors and few other materials used various explosions.

“These are called IED (improvised electronic devises) and it is illegal to keep these materials with out having proper license. However we have not yet ascertained the source where such a huge quantity of explosive materials was coming to Bargarh and for what purpose he was keeping’, SP (Bargarh) S Soorya Thankappan told.

“Investigation is on to ascertain the source and the linkage of the accused persons with any outer organization. We are also trying to arrest another accused who managed to abscond from the spot”, Ms. Thankappan told.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

sambalpuri play competition from 24th

The 13th veer Surendra Sai state level Sambalpuri drama competition is scheduled to be held from 24th December and it will continue till 31st December. About 24 teams across the state have been selected for the week long competition to perform their original play. “Since we won’t repeat any play in the competition, people have occasioned to enjoy new play every time in our stage. This time we have invited 24 teams across the state out of which 8 teams are new to us. We try to make the competition more attractive. We hope a large gathering this year” Sanjay Mishra, convener of the event told.

Sources said, Juba Udayan, a socio-cultural association has been organizing such a drama competition every year since last 12 years While the old culture and tradition are fading out from the society the efforts of the youths of the origination gives a flicker hope on the future of the theatre and stage drama. However the youths are yet to get financial support and cooperation from the government. “We have decided to continue this theatre movement by mobilizing local resources. However we would draw a better result in our efforts incase government provide us any financial assistance”, Saroj Dalpat, co-convener of the competition asserted

senior saffron leader died in Sambalpur

The eminent statesman and founder president of District BJP Benibhuj Sahu passes away on Thursday after prolong illness. he was 79 years old and he was survived with his widow, two sons and a daughter. Later his body was cremated in the afternoon at Rajghat. Eminent people and leaders of all political parties visited his house at Jharuapada to last homage to the departed sole.

Behibhuj Sahu was remained the party president of undivided Sambalpur district BJP for two decades since the day of the party inception. He was such a leader that he was well accepted by the leaders of all other parties.

“Though he was in BJP, he was well accepted by the people of all other parties. Benibhuj Sahu had involved in several people’s movements in the past and though he was in BJP he was never in any power politics. He was a true leader of masses”, the state secretariat member of CPI Ashok Bishi told.

‘He was hospitalized since last 18th November after he suffered from kidney problem. He remained in coma for few days before he finally breathed his last’, his younger son and senior scribe Priya Ranjan Sahu told. Sahu is now working as the state head of the Hindustan times at Bhubaneswar.“With his death BJP lost a great leader. We become hopeless after his death as he remained as inspiration to us”, BJP state president Suresh Pujari told.

it may be mentioned here that leaders like Benibhuj Sahu who shouldered party responsibility during its initial period by suffering a lot. But they are never considered as important in the party when party enters to power.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

farmers blocked collector home with paddy

Aggrieved with the mismanagement in the market yard, farmers blocked the entry of the Sambalpur Collector’s residence by piling paddy loaded trucks on Tuesday evening. Demanding immediate sale of their produce from the market yards as assured by the Sub-collector, they continue to stage agitation creating a unpleasant situation. Senior officers rushed to the spot and persuaded the farmers to refrain from such agitation. But till late evening situation remains unchanged as the farmers unwilling to return the paddy with out getting 'written assurance' from the collector.
“We have already lost our patience due to the non-cooperative attitude of the officials engaged in the Market yards. They do not have any sympathy for farmers and work as the agent of Rice Millers. They are creating unnecessary delay while processing sale transaction in the market yards and we are forced to wait 4 to 5 days to get the price of the paddy. we face lot of difficulties in this process’, an agitator Sujit Nath of Themra village told.
Sources said, while severe crop loss
has been registered in the Sambalpur district this year due to shortage of rain and attack of army insects, in few irrigated area under the Maneswar block of the district yielding of paddy has become quite well. But now due to non-cooperative attitude of the supply officials farmers are facing difficulties in selling their produce . Farmers allege that they are asked to wait for 4to 5 days in the yards to receive their money. When district administration has assured farmers to provide paddy price through cheque immediately after the transaction is over, but supply officials make unnecessary delay while supplying cheque. “I have waited in Themra market yards for 4 days to receive my money. On the first day they measured my paddy and provided a slip of 10,200 quintals. But after 4 days they once again measured it and surprisingly the weight of the paddy becomes 10,198 quintals”, another agitator Jagat Mohan Pradhan told. when he asked the supply officials refused to give price of the rest 2 quintals of paddy.
On the other hand the district administration has described it as ‘unfortunate situation’ that has started from the district. District administration claims to have taken every care for the smooth selling of paddy through various market yards. “Since huge quantity of paddy is coming to market yards every day it becomes difficult for the supply official to dispose it on the same day”, collector (Sambalpur ) P K Patnaik told.
However he assured to take immediate step to stop unnecessary delay of paddy transaction in the market yards. “Since the market yards are not fully equipped with essential machineries, it becomes delay. We are trying to make the market yards equipped with modern machinery so we hope there will be no problem in future”, collector Patnaik added.
On the other hand farmers allege delay is occurred because of the non-operative attitude of the rice millers who do not want to purchase paddy from the market yards as district administration does not have control over them. “Rice millers are not interested to purchase from the market yards. They want to take paddy in a lower price which becomes difficult for them to get from market yards”, eminent farmer leader Ashok Pradhan said.
Meanwhile district administration is trying to avert the unpleasent situation by persuading farmers to refrain from the agitation but till 7.30 pm situation remains unchanged as the farmers become rigid on their stand.

Later with the assurance of the collector, farmers took away the paddy trucks in the night. They also decised to come back once again if mismanagement continues in the market yerds in future.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aditya Birla to extend support for the development of the Gandhi Mandir

The Aditya Birla group desires to extend cooperation for the over all development of the Gandhi Mandir located at Bhatra, ourskirt of the Sambalpur town. This is only temple of its kind where a bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been installed in the center place of the temple and people come for worship like God.

The general manager (special project) Bharat Parikh visited the temple on Thursday and revealed company’s interest to become a part of the development of the temple. “Aditya Birla group is interested to be a part of the temple and company has decided to extend all cooperation to its managing committee to make the temple more highlighted in international level”, Bharat Parikh told while taking with the media person on Thursday evening.

According to him, he got information about the temple from a news article published in the ‘Times of India’ in its Mumbai edition and from it he came to know about the financial difficulties of the managing committee to maintain the temple smoothly . “Money will not be a problem for the temple after company's decision to become a part of the Temple. We will develop a long term planning for the over all development of the temple. But initially we develop the temple and its surrounding to attract more number of visitors. I have also suggested the management committee to start maintaining a list of life member of the temple with a contribution of Rs. 1000/-“, Parikh added.

“Our intension is to give a complete idea about Mahatma Gandhi to the younger generation. Many youths do not know much about him. So we want to develop a library in side the temple where youth gets documents regarding the lifestyle of the Gandhi”, Parikh told.

Sources said, the temple was built in 1974 at Bhatra outskirt of Sambalpur town with the active participation of former legislature of Rairakhol constituency Abhimanyu Kumar. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was installed inside the temple. Every day people assemble inside the temple for morning and evening prayer. Special programmes are organized on 15th August (Independence Day), January 26th (republic day) 2nd Oct (Gandhi Jayanti) and January 30th (death anniversary of Gandhiji). But presently the managing committee is facing severe financial crunch to run the day to day activities and annual maintenance of the temple because of no regular income source.

“I am happy that company like Aditya Birla group has started taking interest on the development of the temple. we expect a speedy development of the temple with the aegis of the company and hopefully it will make the temple more highlighted both in national and international level ”, the president of the managing committee Pramod Kumar told.

villagers leave native fearing Ganja mafias

They have never thought of leaving their native village even they suffered a lot due to Maoist activities over the past 5 years. But now they do not feel secured in the village after getting constant threat from Ganja Mafias. If complaining against illegal Ganja cultivation becomes a mistake than they have committed it. But now for this mistake they are leaving their own village. At least 15 families have been reportedly victims of the threat as Police do not come to rescue them even after getting such complaint. They allege local police and excise officials are having hand in gloves with the Ganja Mafias.

The victims villagers of Jamjuri village under Naktideul police station of the district, 100 km away from here have alleged that Naktideul region have become an open place for ganja cultivation. Having nexus with local police and excise officials, few local youths have been involved in the Ganja cultivation over the past few years. They allege that excise department and police department are making a hue and cry highlighting their raids to destroy Ganja cultivation. It is only to eye wash to common people actually their raids never include the actual places where Ganja mafias are involved in the illegal cultivation.

“Due to Ganja cultivation, we do not get sufficient water as Ganja Mafias pump out water for their illegal cultivation. They also take the kerosene old meant for us to run their water pump. As they take maximum pesticide in a higher price, we hardly get pesticides in our place.” Prahllad Pradhan, a villager of Jamjuri alleged on Thursday.

“When the situation becomes worst this year due to heavy crop loss we appealed the administration to take immediate action to stop Ganja cultivation. But surprisingly we get constant threat from ganja mafias soon after our appeal to the administration. So we believe local administration has noxious relation with the ganja mafia”, another villager Bidhan Sahu told.

“The villagers have finally decided not to return their village unless they get proper assurance from the district administration. We have appealed the district collector and SP to provide us proper security as apprehend life threat from the Ganja Mafia”, Ranjan Majhi another villager asserted.

On the other hand, the administration claimed to have destroyed crores rupees of Ganja cultivation in the Naktideul block over the past one month. “We have destroyed Ganja cultivation worth of Rs. 15 crores raiding several areas. We will continue our raids till we destroy all ganja cultivation. Allegation of discrimination in our raids is totally false”, excise superintendent PS Patra told.

Mean while collector PK Patnaik has sought a report from the local official regarding the allegation of the villagers. “I will take action incase I find truth on the allegation. I have also directed the police to take immediate step to provide security to the villagers”, collector PK Patniak told.

HIV positives want to work for the AIDS patients

HIV positives should come out openly to fight against the social stigma and they should work to change the attitude of the common people regarding AIDS. This was stated by none other than two HIV positive patients while speaking in an awareness programme organized in Sambalpur on the eve of the world aids day on Tuesday. The positive duo even appealed the people not to hate the patients affected with AIDS. The programme was organized by BISWA where the two attended as guest of honours.

“It was quite painful when I came to know that I was affected with HIV positive in 2007. But than I decided keep my self involve in creating awareness about the deadly disease. I faced several difficulties due to ignorance and lack of awareness of the people about the disease. So we formed an organization with the help of government involving HIV positives patients of the region. ” HIV positive patient Thakur Nanda told while talking to TOI.

Sources said, people are still not aware about the AIDS. Especially in rural areas people are totally ignorant about the AIDS and its preventive method. They do outcast him from the village once they come to know about affected person. Even the family members do not help the patients with a fear of the co-villagers. in such a situation patients do not want to come forward freely. “I know the village people they just out cast me from the village once they come to know about me. Even my family members do not come forward to co-operate me. So I understand the pain of departing from the family members and society”, another HIV positive patient Prakash Patel told.

According to them, they have formed an organization in the name of Sambalpur Network of positive people (SNPP) where as many as 135 persons tested HIV positive have joined as members. The organization is looking after the welfare and treatment of the patients. “We have closed connection with NECO and ART centre located at Burla and we take all necessary help to provide medicines and health care to our members, we have also opened a office at Sambalpur to give information to our members regarding health care and medicines”, the project coordinator of the SNPP Tusarkant Pradhan told.

In an another programme, Utsarga, the premier blood donation organization of Sambalpur organized a programme at Homeopathy College, where doctors claim homeopathy has specific medicines that give good response on the HIV..“I have experimented homeopathy medicines on few positive patients and the result is amazing. We have medicines to partially cure the deadly disease.”, Homeopathy doctor Ram Charan Pradhan claimed. According to him, homeopathy has ability to cure AIDS but it requires lot of costly experiments. "But we need government support for further experiments and examination to over come the deadly disease", he added.

husband handed over his wife to her lover after 18 years of their marriage

In Hindi movie Hum dil de chuke sanam Ajay Debgan agrees to get his wife married with her lover Salman Khan after he knew their love affair . But the reel story becomes real story when a husband agrees to get her 18 years-long-wife married to her lover in Bargarh district couple of days ago when he finds her wife eloped with her lover. The incident took place in Padampur of Bargarh district, 130 km from here on Tuesday after police rescued both lady and her lover from a hotel room. Signing an agreement to allow his wife to marry her lover before the police, husband returns home with their 15 years old son and 10 years old daughter after both prefer to stay with father. The lady went with her lover happily leaving behind her 18years-long married life. “We rescued the lady from a hotel room along with her lover. We brought them to the police station but I became confused how to handle the case when she prefers her lover than husband. Her lover was also ready to marry her despite it legal complicacy. But surprisingly husband also agrees with her proposal. He requested me to do the needful for their separation. An agreement was prepared in the police station where all three agreed to abide and signed”, police inspector of Padampur police Station Biswapati Panda told TOI on Friday. “I have also asked them to take the advice of an advocate to get mutually divorced from the judicial court before going for a court marriage”, Panda told.

Sources said, Bhojraj Das (48) of Birmal village under Bargarh sadar police station was married to one Jashovanti (40), 18 years back and they had a 15 years old son and a 10 years old daughter. But the lady was having an extra-marital relation with a youth Nikunj Barik of the neighbouring Nileshar villager who visits her regularly. The husband warned his wife on several occasions to correct her. Recently the lady eloped with Nikunj and stayed in a hotel room at Padmapur. Bhojraj got the information and went Padmapur to bring her back. He also took help of the police to rescue her from the hotel. “It was matter of shame but I left with no choice to let her free. I have no objection if she wants to leave with her lover for ever” Bhojraj told police after she refused to go back with him. On the other hand, the lady complained of having physical and mental torture by her husband for which she such a decision but refuses to lodge any complaint against him.

NHRC sought report on maid burning issue in Jharsuguda

NHRC has sought a report from the collector and SP of Jharsuguda district on the alleged burning incident of a child labour by her employer that occurred on 8th September 2009. Police lodged a case against the employers basing on the complaint of the victim’s mother couple of days after the incident. NHRC came to picture following an application of a social activist of Jharsuguda who sought the intervention of the commission.

“I have received a notice from NHRC in connection with the case where the commission sought a report on the incident with in 4 weeks. I am sending the report along with the action taken by the police in the case”, collector (Jharsuguda) Dhananjay Dash told.

Sources said, one 14-year-old tribal girl Radhika Nag sustained burnt injuries while working in the house of Dinesh Khandelwal a businessman of Jharsuguda town on 8th September 2009. Radhika was taken to Hospital. However police at Jharsuguda did not initiate any step to lodge cases against the employer and allegedly tried to hush up the issue. But police booked the employer Khandelwal and his wife under the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act and Juvenile Justice Act couple of days after the incident following the pressure of media report.

According to the complaint made by the victim’s mother, Radhika was beaten up mercilessly by her employer Dinesh Khandelwal and his wife accused her of stealing a saree. They asked her to return it. When she said she was innocent, they poured kerosene and set her on fire. The victim's mother, Suna Munda also alleged that Khandelwal did not let her daughter out till she paid the price of the saree.

On the other hand police received severe criticism for not taking immediate step to book the culprit. Though police were forced to arrest the culprit few days after the incident, accused got released on bail due to lenient attitude of the police.

“Police did not take any interest to book the culprit. But after being pressurized from various corners, Khandelwal was arrested but got court bail due to lenient attitude of the police. Till date police did not arrest his wife though she was equally involved in the crime”, Rakhyakar, eminent social activist and convener of Pragatisila Sramika Manch of Jharsuguda told.

According to him the victim Radhika has though survived from the incident, she becomes bed ridden after the incident. The poor family is unable to provide costly medical expenses for her treatment. “She should be properly compensated by the accused couple as they are quite responsible for her present condition”, Rakhyakar told

Jamenkira: farmers ups in arms against government

More than 10 thousand farmers have assembled in Jamenkira (50 away from Sambalpur and located on NH 6) on Monday to extend their support to the agitating farmers sitting on relay hunger strike over the past 43 days demanding their block area to be declared draught-hit. They entered the block office breaking the police cordon and locked both block office and tahasil office located in one premises. Police later declared them arrested.

The fury of the farmer was quite visible during the agitation following the government’s silence over their demand despite their agitation of relay hunger strike that reached on 43 days on Monday. The farmers called off their agitation of first phase and switched over to second phase of agitation what they called “civil disobedience”. “We have organized relay hunger strike for 43 days demanding the block area to be declared draught-hit. Pity is that officers of the district administration have visited Jamenkira on several occasions. They discussed with the agitating farmers and have assured to submit report to the government but till date no action has been taken by the government”, convener of the Jamenkira block farmers association Kusadhway Chaudhary told.

According to him Jamenkira block received record low rain fail this year as a result of which more than 75 percent crop has been damaged. “Unless they are not properly compensated and provided with seeds and fertilizers for ensuing crop, they will virtually come to road. Since it is a non-irrigated block government should also take immediate step to provide irrigation facility to the farmers”, Chaudhary told. The farmers of the block

have decided to close all government offices and all panchayat offices during their 2nd phase of agitation that begins from Monday with a huge farmers rally. Peacefully “we continue our agitation for 43 days in front of the block officer in support of our demand. Officers have visited us to give us assurance but they have done nothings. Now we have decided to stall all government offices in Jamenkira in order to show our strength. We will continue this till government takes a positive step on our demand”, farmer’s leader and Convener of western Orissa farmers coordination committee Ashok Pradhan told. Huge police force was deployed in Jamenkira in view of the agitation. But every thing passed peacefully. “Heavy police arrangement was made in Jamenkira looking to the tense situation but every thing passed peacefully”, additional SP (Sambalpur) Labakanta Rana told

swiss activists advocated against GM crops

Switzerland’s social activist Teena Gothe expressed concern on the farmers’ plight in Orissa leading them to commit suicide. While speaking to the press at Sambalpur after retuning from worst affected Jamenkira block of the district, she appealed the civil society to form a pressure group for the survival of the farmers of the region.

“I have come from a country where only 3 percent of the population depends on agriculture. But government never overlooks them because most of the food grains and vegetables come from this sector. Contribution of farmers is always high in the development of a country. But here I experience a worst ever situation. When more than 80 percent of the population depends on this sector, government hardly address to their problems. Really it is quite unfortunate”, Ms. Gothe expressed.

Ms. Gothe has come to motivate the farmers to discard genetically modified (GM) crops as according to her the newly customized method has a very bad effect on the human beings in long run. She also said that genetically modified food needs few more experiments before government allows its production. “Researchers have apprehended a serious negative effect on human body in long-run incase of regular consumption of GM crops. GM crops has become a big threat for the survival of mankind. For the benefit and business motive of few big companies, government should not play with the lives of the crores of people of the country”, Ms Gothe told.

Sources said, Switzerland government was forced to put a ban on the production of the GM crops in the country following the pressure of the farmers and social organizations. “We fought a long battle with the government to get a ban order from the on the production of GM crops” Ms. Gothe told.

Gothe was accompanied with Biswadeep, a Bangalore based social activist and Ashok Pradhan local farmers association when she visited Jamenkira block area to meet the farmers on Wednesday.

SU Registrar was sacked for resufsing to pass an illegal payment

In a surprised move the vice-chancellor of Sambalpur University relieved the Registrar from his post after latter’s refusal to pass a cheque in favour of a black-listed company on Thursday. A senior lecturer Padmavati Gahan took over the charge of the controller of finance while SS Rath takes over the charge of Registrar on the direction of the vice-chancellor.

Sources said, Prof PC Samal was appointed by the Governor as the Registrar of Sambalpur University 3 months ago on the recommendation of the Higher Education department. He was also discharging additional duty controller of finance. On 31st Oct, there was a dispute between the vice chancellor and registrar in connection to the payment of dues lying against a computer company that was banned by the government for a year in Dec 2008 for breech of trust. However Sambalpur University had selected the company to supply video conferencing system for its e-governance project in March 2009. So the registrar refused to pass the payment with out verifying the audit report of the company. “VC insists me to pass the payment Rs.54 lakhs to the Bhubaneswar based HCL firm but since I was in additional charge of the controller of finance I told the VC to wait till a regular controller of finance joins in the post. Since government has blacklisted the company for breach of trust with out making the system operation I was not in favour of the payment”, Dr. Prafulla Chandra Samal told TOI over phone.

According to him university has selected the Bhubaneswar based firm to supply video conferencing system for its e-governance centre during March 2009. The system has not yet been operational. The materials are kept in a storeroom. “Before the system is operational university should not release the payment. But I do not understand why VC insists on the payment before the system becomes operational”, Dr. Samal told.

I was surprised to get the order of relieve from the post of Registrar when I asked him to relive me only from the post of controller of finance. It was totally illegal. Anyway I brought it into the notice of my department while I joined in my parent Higher education department on Friday”, Dr. Samal told. Meanwhile Padmavati Gahan, the new in-charge of the finance of controller has yet to pass the payment in favour of the company as she has gone to Bhubaneswar on official duty, sources said.

Sagarpali :a village on the reservior but no water for irrigation

Sagarpali villagers in Jharsuguda district are suffering from injustice ever since the construction of the Hirakud dam. Located on the bank of the Hirakud reservoir, the village is one of the reconstructed villages that are yet to include in the revenue record of the state. The suicidal death of a farmer of the village who died on 4th Oct has become an eye opener for the farmers of the locality who feel government would do nothing unless they raise voices against the injustice. The farmers have taken the issue seriously to bring a massive agitation to bring the attention of the government.

“It is really a matter of regret that farmer of our village dies committing suicide for crop loss due to poor rainfall. Sagarpali is a village that has been reconstructed after it’s submerged in Hirakud reservoir. Though we reside on the bank of reservoir we do not get reservoir water for irrigation due to wrong government policy”, a villager of Sagarpali, Bhaskar Pradhan told. “Our plight can be well imaginable when 70 percent of our village has been submerged in the reservoir but now we can not use the water. There is no reward for the contribution that our forefathers have made than”, Pradhan added.

Sources said, heavy loss of crop due to poor rainfall has broken the back bone of the farmer of the Lakhanpur block of Jharsuguda district. Farmers of the block do not even get water from the reservoir as the lift points are remained defunct since a long time. Neither the administration nor the local people representative takes any action to get the lift points functioned. Gourahari Patra, a villager of Sagarpali committed suicide on 4th Oct due to heavy crop loss. “He has taken a loan of Rs. 20 thousand from cooperative society. The lift point that is located besides his land remains defunct since a long time. He was mentally upset and committed suicide consuming pesticide leaving his widow and 4 son and daughters” another villager Panchan Saa told.

The negative attitude of the district administration on issue fueled the anger of the farmers of the locality. They blamed administration responsible for the death of the farmers. “When every one that visits our village could realize that Gourahari’s death got a direct link with his crop loss, surprisingly administration failed to realize the truth behind the incident”, villager Loknath Sahu opined. It may be mentioned here that elder brother of deceased’s father Sanyasi Patra had adopted Gourahari since he was child. Since deceased was the only son of his adopted father, dispute with his brothers regarding lands does not arise in any point of time. “I am once again become alone after his death. I do not know how I live with out him”, adopted father Sanyasi Patra said in a tearful eye.

On the other hand the widow of late Gourahari does not know how to take care of the family member after the death of her husband. “His demise brings a desperate atmosphere in the family and I do not know how to over come such a trauma”, deceased wife Saraswati told.

In the name of Maoist ...............

Sambalpur police busted a gang of 11 criminals including a news reporter on Saturday who were posing themselves red-rebel involved in as many 8 decoity incidents over the past 45 days putting the police force on their toes. Police also seized looted 2 mobile sets, huge quantity of gold and silver ornaments and country pistols from the criminals. Police also seized the Bolero that was used by the criminals.‘Maoist activity has come down in Sambalpur and Deogarh district in the recent past because of the heavy movement of the police force. But taking the benefit of the situation some local youths have formed a gang a gang to start decoity in the region. Posing themselves red-rebel members once they make villagers frightened, it becomes easy for them to rob the people’. IG of police (northern Division) YB Khurania told while briefing media persons on Saturday evening about the activity of the gang.

Police identified them as Pintu alias Mukesh Makar of Keseibahal, Balaram Rana of Kumbharpara, Sk. Sazid and Binod Sahu of Bamra, Amritlal Dung Dung of Mahulapali, Suresh Luha of Ulunda and Balaram Pradhan of sonepur and Manoj Sahara of BTM, Kartik Budek of Buromal, Rohit Kusum and Khirod Karali of Jharsuguda where police investigation revealed that Sk Sazid was the mastermind of the gang who claimed to be a news reporter working for a Rourkela based vernacular news paper. The gang was mainly active in Charmal (Sambalpur), Riamal (Deogarh) and Birmaharajpur and Sublaya (Sonepur) during last 45 days and involved in as many as 8 decoity cases in these areas. “The gang was active where mobile network does not work or low and because of it getting immediate information about decoity was not possible. We first could not understand but when they repeated their activities in same styles, we confirmed that it was not Maoist but fake one” Khurania told.

“It was a joint efforts of our forces, we use both technical and manual intelligence to trap the gang”, IG Khurania told. However he did not disclosed the worth of gold and silver ornament police seized from the gang.“We have to calculate it as we apprehend the gang sold few ornament before it come to out hand. We are trying the seized it from the receivers”, I G Khurania told. SP (sambalpur) Sanjay Kumar and other police officials were present on the occasion.

“We have to calculate it as we apprehend the gang sold few ornament before it come to out hand. We are trying the seized it from the receivers”, I G Khurania told. SP (sambalpur) Sanjay Kumar and other police officials were present on the occasion.

a day to be remembered

They even hardly know much about Jawaharlal Nehru and his contribution to the nation and it may not be usual for them if some of them do not know that they have assembled in one place on the eve of the children’s day that commemorate the birth day of that great personality. What ever may be reason they feel it an auspicious day in their lives which provides them an opportunity to make marry making and fanfare for whole day with good delicious food to eat. Yes, we are talking about the hundreds of boys and girls residing in various orphanages located in and around Sambalpur town who assembled here at Deer Park to celebrate the occasion. Thanks to the efforts of ‘Utsarga’ for creating such an occasion which brings smile on the gloomy faces.

With the active support of the smile India foundation, the premier blood donation organization ‘Utsarga’ cultivated the idea to bring orphans of the locality under one banner to celebrate the children’s day in a new style in order to boost their inherit quality and talent. The eminent poet Haldhar Nag inaugurated the programme. “I really thank the organizers for cultivating such an idea where children of the oppressed section of the society get an opportunity to express their feeling and talent’, poet Nag told.

“We try to give a massage that you do not feel lonely and distressed. The whole society is with you. You are no less than any other boy living with their parents”, the coordinator of the programme and senior member of the ‘Utsarga’ Sudhir Pujari told. “We decide to celebrate children’s day with orphans boys and girls of the locality as we feel the day has a special importance to such children residing in various orphanages”, Pujari added.

Sources said, 250 numbers of boys and girls imamates from various Orphanages including Dhankauda, Phuljharan, Chhachhanpali and Pradhanpali located outskirt of Sambalpur town have assembled in Sambalpur Deer Park on the occasion of the children day on Saturday. Eminent personality of the town have also present on the occasion to spend sometime with the orphans. “It was a nice occasion for me to spend sometimes with distressed boys and girls of the society. I would never forget such an occasion”, eminent social workers and feminists Basant Kumari Panda told. “I am happy to be part of the programme. Works become noble when we work selflessly.’ eminent physician and owner of the ‘healing touches’ nursing home Dr. Ashok Singhal told.

While they sing songs, play music, participate in musical chair, funny sports and yoga, they also get good and delicious food to eat.

“This is an auspicious day in my life and I will never forget it”,Bikash Murmu, an inmate residing in Vikash Ashram of Pardhiapali. Murmu is a native of Mayurbhanj district but now reading in class five through the Ashram. “I have attended several social programmes but the pleasure I get from this particular, I never get in any others”,, another member Satya Narayan Thakur told