Saturday, February 4, 2012

KISS students rescued by the Railway police

Sambalpur Railway police rescued 6 minor tribal students from the local Railway station on Friday while travelling in Puri-Rourkela Tapaswaini express. They were studying in the KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social service), a charitable wing of KIITs of Bhubaneswar but they left the school premises with out the knowledge of school authority and boarded the train to go to their respective villages. The railway police intimated it to their parents on getting identity of the children. The parents who came to Sambalpur to take back their children described it ‘gross negligence’ of the school authority. 

The children identified as Subash Majhi (10)Baliakani village , Asish Ekka (11)of Gidpahadi , Sahil Suren (11) of Nuagaon ,Dayasagar Lakra (11) of Balisankara and Alok Kujur(11) of Gunchitipur village and Akash Topo(9) Bamnibahal village of Sundergarh district were studying in class 3th ,4th and 5th classes. 

“We have given our children believing proper security and care to them by the school management. But how the management was unaware when 6 of the children were gone missing from the institution’, the relation of a child Dhaneswar Majhi said. 

Railway police sources some of the passengers informed the police when they found cast doubt on the movement of the children. Police went to the train and rescued them. “The children were travelling in a group and since they did not have any warm clothes, they were shivering with the cold during night. We informed their parents when we ascertained their identity”, the inspector of GRP Sambalpur PK Dash said. 

“Since they were in a residential school, it was the duty of the school management to look after the children. But the management was aware about the children when I personally informed one of the senior officers over phone”, Dash said. 

On the other hand, senior officials of the school management denied of having any negligence while maintaining the school in Bhubaneswar. Describing its’ a ‘rare incident’ in school history, Basanta Kumar Behera, a senior official of the management, claims of giving proper care and facilities to the students. “We are providing personal attention to the each and every student for their overall growth. The students seemed to be new to the school environment and it would take time to adjust”, Behera said. According to him a team was deputed to bring back the children.