Tuesday, January 15, 2013

police registered case against collector for abusing lady social worker in Sambalpur

Sambalpur collector Pradeep Kumar Rath is under deep trouble after the town police registered a case against him on the direction of the SDJM, Sambalpur for misbehaving a lady social worker in his official chamber. The lady social worker Pankajini Pradhan had filed a complaint case against the collector levelling misbehavior charges against him. The court has given the direction after hearing her case.
 “We have registered a case against the collector u/s 294 (using filthy language), 500(defamation) and 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) on the direction of the SDJM, Sambalpur.  We have registered the case after receiving the court order”, the Inspector of the Town police station RN Deo said on Saturday. 
PK Rath
As per the allegation, the lady social worker Pankajini Pradhan works for woman empowerment in Jujomora block of the district. She raised her objection when she found a lady identified as Kalpana Seth was attacked in her own village as the lady refused to give ‘chanda’ to the villagers. This incident was taken place in the Jamloi village of the block on 21st October 2012. Pradhan rescued the family of the victim lady and provided her shelter. On her pressure the Jujomira police though registered a case but did not take step to arrest the villagers involved in the case.  The victim lady and her family moved place to place for shelter as the villagers threatened them for dire consequences. 
With the help of the lady social worker, the victim family tried to get justice but when nothing was happened, the victim lady submitted a notice of ‘self immolation’ in front of the office of collector on 12th December. But it was cancelled due the collector who invited the lady to his chamber and assured to take up the case personally to provide justice her and other family members.But at the same time, he allegedly misbehaved Pradhan  accompanying the lady and asked the police to drive her out of his chamber as she had no work in the matter. 
“We had gone to the collector chamber on his request on 12 December morning. She assured to take all necessary steps to provide justice. But he asked to go out as I was no way related to the case. When I objected he suddenly sparked from his chair and started abusing me using filthy language. From his version, it was appeared that I was the culprit of the case. He misbehaved me saying the lady took such a step because of my instigation”, Pankajini alleged said. She informed that she filed a complaint case against the collector on 17th December before the court of SDJM, Sambalpur after the local police refused to accept her complaint against the collector. 
On the other hand, the collector PK Rath has denied the allegation saying it was totally false and fabricated. "There in no truth in the allegation. it is totally false and fabricated", he said.