Saturday, July 17, 2010

cop was arrested after top officials found his link with the racket

Being the sub-inspector of the police station, he took active part during raids conducted by the Bargarh town police to crack down the inter-state four-wheelers lifting racket. He was thinking to get scot free because of his police uniform. But ultimately police arrested him and his constable brother police smelt his connection with the racket. Bargarh police arrested 9 persons including the two police personnel and recovered 20 vehicles including a passenger bus. While the police sub-inspector Pranab Pradhan is in Bargarh town police station his brother Birendra Bhusan Pradhan has been working as constable in the special branch of Bhawanipatna.

Confirming this SP (Bargarh) S. Thankappan informed media persons on Tuesday night that police action will be continued till the recovery all stolen vehicles. We did not spare any one. We arrested 9 accused including two police and recovered 20 vehicles. Verification is on to know involvement of others in the racket. We will book any one who is found to be involved in the racket”, SP said.

Police sources said, Gujarat police came with evidence in a driver murder case occurred in Nausari’s Chikhli police station area of Gujarat on June 8th where they suspected involvement of accused person residing in Sambalpur town. Sambalpur police arrested one Prema alias Rima Singh of Sakhipara who divulged many information of the racket during her interrogation. Basing on the clue and information shared by the female accused, police, while preceded into action to recover the vehicle, police gathered information about the racket that was active since a long time in the Bargarh town. Police also learnt how the racket stole the vehicle by killing the driver on the way to their proposed destination.

Police sources added that racket was mainly bringing vehicles from Rajasthan and Gujarat. The members along with a lady would book a vehicle in any travel agency identifying them as tourist couple and on the way to the destination they hacked the driver and absconded with the vehicles after throwing the dead body. They changed the colour of the vehicles, change the engine number and chassis number and managed to get a new registration numbers from the RTO office of Sundergarh and Nuapara.

“We arrested the prime accused of the racket and his associate identified as Sailendra Sharma and Tanuj Birmwal of Bargarh. While Sailendra was bringing the vehicles from out side, it was Tanuj who sells the vehicle to influential persons in a comparative cheaper price”, DSP (Bargarh) Nagendra Nayak said. According to him, Ashish Guru of Nuapara RTO office and Himansu Panda of Sundergarh RTO office were helping the two in preparing duplicate registration certificate of the vehicles. The other accused persons have been identified as Srikant Sahu of Attabira, Tejraj Pradhan of Janhapara and Panchanan Mishra of Bargarh.

Bargarh police busted the car lifting racket

Acting on the clue received from the Gujarat driver murder case occurred recently, the Police of Baragh district have cracked down a racket of four-wheelers lifter racket on Friday that was active in Bargarh area over the past few years. Police have managed to recover more than 14 vehicles including a passenger bus. Police unearthed the racket while searching the vehicle that was stolen from Gujarat. Police suspected one businessman of Bargarh town as the kingpin of the racket. However Bargarh police refused to divulge any thing detail about the case as investigation is and expected more recovery of the stolen vehicles in a day or two.

“The racket is unearthed while we made search of the vehicle that was stolen from Gujarat after the killing of the vehicle driver. Gujarat police suspected the motive behind the killing of driver was to lift the vehicle. Getting information from Nausari’s Chikhili police station of Gujarat where the dead body was recovered. The accused persons had used ATM and cell of the driver after throwing his body which helped to trace the accused persons. Our suspects centered on a lady person of Sakhipara area of Sambalpur who revealed much information on the case during her interrogation. Gujarat police took her in remand for further investigation.” inspector (crime) of Sambalpur Sanjib Satpathy said.

Sources said, police suspected one business man of Bargarh as the kingpin of the entire racket but failed to arrest as he managed to abscond before could reach him. Police have already detained 6 persons including few businessmen of Bargarh, Attabira and Barpali town who were found possessing the stolen vehicles that belong to mainly Maharastra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Police also found that the engine number and chassis number of the vehicles have been either changed or tempered

“Since the engine number and chassis numbers of the vehicles have been tampered by the accused at present it is difficult to ascertain the origin of the vehicle still from the primary investigation it appears to be from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharastra states. Investigation is on to nab the main culprit. We expect more recovery of stolen vehicle once we catch hold the kingpin of the racket. However at present we do not want to disclose any thing on the racket” the DIG (NR) Sambalpur RP Koche said congratulating the officials of his department who cracked down the racket.
On the other hand sources revealed that the modus-operandi of the gang was to lift the vehicle on the way after killing the driver and throwing the body in an unnoticed place. By that the lifters were getting enough time to cross the state border as it takes few days for the police to identify the dead body of the driver even it recovers immediately. With the help of RTO officials and agents they prepare duplicate registration certificate of the vehicle was prepared by tempering and changing engine number, chassis number and registration number. They sell the vehicle to an influential person in a comparatively cheaper price. Most important part of the racket was utilizing service of female to build trust in the mind of travel agency. While going to book vehicle they take female member with them posing them wife and husband to avoid doubt in the mind of the travel agent. Once they get the vehicle the prime aim was to kill the driver and take the vehicle. “After interrogation of the lady that arrested recently we came to know how the gang was operating cunningly utilizing the female in this nefarious trade”, police inspector Satpathy said.

they killed the child for witnessing their illicit affairs

It costs life to a six year boy for accidently witness the illicit relation of his neighbor lady with her paramount. His fault was that he came out with the truth before his parents and other people. Such a heinous incident of killing an innicent child was taken place in Bhikhampur under Sasan police station limits which made public only after confession of the accused persons leading the police to recover the skeleton body of child on Thursday. The accused persons including the husband of the lady had thrown the dead body of the child after throttling him 10 days back. A missing complaint was lodged by the police than. Police identified the skeleton body belongs to one Jitu Meher (6) who went missing since 28th June.

“We arrested one Hrusikesh after we suspected his hand in killing the child. During interrogation, he had confessed every thing. He along with his wife and her paramount hatched a plan to eliminate the child after he witnessed the illicit relation of his wife. Accused Hrusikesh led us to the spot where  skeleton body of the child was recovered”, SDPO (Sambalpur) D K Deo said.

Sources said, deceased a 6 years old child, the only son of Tapobanta Meher of Sonepur’s Dhanbasha village was residing  in  Bipin Meher's house in Bhikhampur after they moved to the village few months ago.  The other side of the house was let out to Hrusikesh Behera allies Theki of Bijadihi who was residing with his wife and son. Both Tapobanta and Hrusikesh were engaged as daily wage earner.
Recently Hrusikesh underwent a surgical treatment for which he got financial help from Pintu Mehra, a poultry farm owner of the village. Because of the help, Pintu was bit closed to the Hrusikesh family. Pintu developed illicit relation with Hrusikesh’s wife after he started visiting the house. Hrusikesh kew it but remained silent because of the financial help. But this thing came to the knolwdge of the villagers when deceaed  narrated before his parents and other villagers . “It made them angry and they decided to kill the boy in order to take revenge on him”, SDPO Deo said. They hatched a plan and cunningly took the boy to near by jungle where they throttling him to death and dumped the body inside a ditch., police officer added.