Saturday, January 30, 2010

lawyers closed offices and bank demanding high court bench

Normal life was out of gear in Sambalpur, following the agitation of the lawyers in support to their demand of high court bench issue on Friday and Saturday. Apart from judicial establishments, government offices, commercial banks and financial institutions and central government offices including post office and telecom were remained closed because of the picketing of the lawyers. How over looking to the agitation, heavy police arrangement was taken place in various places of the town but no untoward incidents reported during the agitation.

“It was totally peaceful and we feel happy that apart from lawyers, general public and social activists had also participated in out agitation to make it successful”, general Secretary of the Bar Association, Chitta Ranjan Panda told According to Panda, lawyers of western Orissa have been demanding a permanent bench of Orissa high court since a long time. The lawyers are demanding the establishment of high court in western Orissa and it is the duty of the government to select the suitable place and to establish it immediately. “But shifting the responsibility on lawyer of the region, government wants to play divide and rule with us. we warn the government to take immediate step to establish it other wise people of the region know how to react”, Panda told.

Lawyers assembled at Nelson Mandela Chowck of Sambalpur and obstructed the way of judicial magistrates while they were going to the courts. The magistrates went back following the protest of the lawyers. They also locked the gates of various government offices including office of Collector and RDC and did not allow the officials to enter the respective offices. The lawyers were also blocked the banks and financial institutions of the town. Lawyers of other part including Bargarh observed cease works and obstructed judicial magistrates to enter the courts.

“The agitation was passed on peacefully. Several police forces were deployed to maintain law and order. How ever no untoward incident was reported so far”, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Sambalpur) Dinabandhu Patel told.

Sources said, the lawyers of western Orissa have decided to close all government offices and banks and financial institution on 3 working days of each months. The lawyers of the region are agitating since a long time under the banner of Western Orissa all Bar associations. A central action committee (CAC) has been formed to regulate the agitation

It may be informed that the lawyers have closed down judicial offices on Thursday (28th January) but on following two days they closed down all government offices and banks through picketing in front of the the respective offices. besides few minor incidents the agitation remained peaceful. how over people especially from business community faced severe difficulties following shutting down of the financial establishments. "we understand the plight of the people So we warned the government to take immediate step for establishment of the high court bench in western Orissa before the situation slips from the hand of the government' , President of the Bar Pradeep Bohidar told.

“A meeting of CAC is scheduled to be held on Sunday where the future course of action of the agitation will be decided. Since many social organizations and individuals have requested us to involve in the separate state movement and not to wastage time on high court bench issue, the meeting will take a crucial decision on it”, senior member of the CAC and lawyer of Sambalpur Bar told.

prople condemned for distorting Bhima Bhoi's personal life

Locals condemned the writers of the book ‘Popular religion and Ascetic practices: New studies on Mahima Dharma’ for including a chapter in the book on Bhima Bhoi where the writers Kedar Mishra and Johannes Beltz have described him as ‘lady killer’ and ‘womanizer’ by giving derogative and malicious fact on the saint poet’s personal life. The book has been published by Monohar publication of New Delhi in 2008, and edited by Johannes Beltz and Ishita Banarjee-Dube where a chapter under title ‘ascetic, Layman or Rebellious Guru?’ is included.

Eminent educationists and social activists have warned the writers to beg immediate apology and to delete the controversial chapter from the book in a meeting held in Sambalpur on Tuesday morning. They opined that the writers have insulted the people of Orissa, as the description does not based on fact and truth.

“We condemned the writers for giving such derogative comments on Bhima Bhoi’s personal life in the name of research We call upon the writers to beg for a public apology and to delete the controversial chapter from the book immediately”, retired administrator Debendra Mishra told while convening the meeting.

“When Bhima Bhoi is being accepted worldwide for his simplicity and high spiritual ability, the writers have committed unforgiving mistake by characterizing him as a ‘lady killer’ and ‘womanizer’ in the book with out verifying the facts and truths. They should beg apology for such character assassination of a great personality ”, activist Dilip Padhi said.

“We want to create public awareness against such writers who with out having any basic information distorted the personal life of great personalities who people have a faith a regard. We are also trying to take legal step against the writers for giving such derogative comment on Bhima Bhoi’s personal life with out having any prove and fact”, eminent lawyer and BJP leader Suresh Pujari told.

On the other hand the writer of the article Kedar Mishra when contacted said he was never intended to do character assassination of Bhima Bhoi. “I have just tried to include the collections and myths of the local people and never intended to depict the character of Bhima Bhoi”, Kedar Mishra told TOI over phone.

police officer bites constable after caught by vigilance

When state police department is proud for several police officers getting presidential medals on the eve of Indian’s republic day, in same time department has been defamed by few corrupted officers. In Sambalpur a police inspector went to the extend of biting his fellow colleague severely to escape from the spot when after he was caught red handed by the vigilance while taking a bribe Rs.2000/-. However he was arrested latter and sent to the jail. One of his subordinate officer was also arrested for sharing the bribe money.

Sources said, the inspector of Thelkolei police station of the district Pradeep Kumar Das was caught red handed by the vigilance sleuths on Thursday when he was accepting a bribe of Rs. 2000/- from a complaint to release his truck detained by the police. He bit-off the constable Nalini Ranjan Senapati and tried to escape from his grip after he was caught.

“We caught his after he tried to escape biting the constable. A case has been registered. We also arrested his subordinate Subash Bhoi for helping his. Both have been forwarded to the judicial custody”, vigilance inspector of Smabalpur Prabir Tripathy told.

Sources said, police detained a truck in the police station with out any specific ground after the truck met an accident on Jharsuguda road. The owner of the truck J Panigrahi of Sundergarh was asked to give Rs.5000/- to take back his vehicle. . But later police agreed with Rs. 2000/-. The owner how ever informed the vigilance police. "we seized Rs. 1000/- from Das and another Rs.1000/- from SI Subash Bhoi's pocket. So we arrested SI Bhoi also in the same charge", inspector Tripathy told.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

RBI is heading towards rural

Foregoing the concept of air-conditioning conference hall, the capital based RBI has decided to include rural pockets to create awareness among the villagers on the role and functioning of the banking sector and appeal them to avail banking services to make their living comfortable. The RBI has also decided to open farmers’ club to make the farmers nearer to the banking sectors.

“2010 being the platinum year of RBI, we decided to go to rural area to create awareness among the villagers about the services of the banking sector and how they would make their living comfortable by availing the banking services”, the regional director of RBI, Bhubanewar Kaza Sudhakar told while addressing the gathering at a function organized in the Maneswar High School, 15 km away from here on Wednesday.

Sources said, RBI identified ‘Gulunda’ village of Maneswar block in Sambalpur district as a ‘model village’ and a farmers club was inaugurated in the village during the visit of its regional director on Wednesday.

“We formulated several programmes for the benefit of the rural and poor people but due to lack of awareness and lack of information the people do not get these facilities. Now by organizing such programmes in rural area our aim is to make people aware of these facilities”, AGM of Reserve bank of India Manisha Mishra told.

Sources said, RBI has a banking ‘Ombudsman scheme’ where people can get a faster service incase of any dispute regarding banking dispute. “We have this scheme to decide dispute related to banking service and our aim is to give faster service to the people by deciding the dispute immediately”, Regional director RBI, Sudhakar told.

“It is a good gesture of the RBI to organize platinum year function in a rural area of Sambalpur district. We hope people of the rural area will be closer with banking sector after getting knowledge about the Reserve Bank of India. We thank the RBI officials for such a noble thought”, the AGM of State Bank of India N C Kanungo told.

former state youth congress president becomes the district head of BJD

After being failure in strengthening party organization in Sambalpur district with series of experiments, BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik has finally decided to utilize the congress-experience to strong-hold the party in Sambalpur district. This is perhaps the idea of the party chief when he selected Rohit Pujari as the new party president of Sambalpur district. Rohit Pujari, the former state youth congress president joined BJD during last general election and contested Lok Sabha poll as BJD candidate when he unable to secure a ticket from Congress. Though he lost the battle to congress, his defeat puts no effect on his position in the party level and he becomes the new party president of the district.

“IN the past party leaders including former BJD MP (Rajya Sabha) Pramila Bohidar and former health minister Sanatan Bishi had shouldered the responsibility to strengthen the party in the district level but when situation remained unchanged, now party has given the responsibility on Rohit Pujari. We have a faith on his ability. We hoped he would do something for the party organization like he did when he was in congress”, a party worker told.

Hundreds of party workers gathered in Nari Sabha Sadan of Sambalpur to greet the new party president Rohit Pujari after he back to Sambalpur on Monday. All senior party leaders including health minister Prasanna Acharya were present on this occasion to greet the party president by expressing their support to the new party leader.

“This is for the first time we found all party leaders of the district have assembled in one place. We feel a new strength in every one. Party will grow under the leadership of Rohit Pujari as every one of the party will work to strengthen the party forgetting the past anomaly”, former district working president of BJD Ashok Senapati told.

Sources said, BJD does not have a strong party base in Sambalpur because of the personal difference between senior party leaders. Naveen patnaik’s attempt to strengthen the party in Sambalpur fails to work ever since the day of the inception of the party. Starting from Artatran Mishra to Md. Bijay Mohanty, the party has appointed more than 5 persons as party presidents for Sambalpur but none of them have done any thing for the organization of the party.

“Though people have a strong faith on the Naveen Patnaik, I don’t know why BJD does have a strong party base in Sambalpur. With support of each and every one of the party, I hope to make a strong organization of the party in Sambalpur, Rohit Pujari told while addressing the gathering on Monday. Earlier party workers greeted their president in a motor-cycle rally that went round the street.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bajarang Dal vows to make Bharat, a Hindu Rastra

Bajrang Dal vows to saffronize the country on the eve of its 25th years of establishment. To commemorate the its silver jubilee year that coincides with the birth anniversary of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Veer Surendra Sai, a massive rally and a youth convention was organized in Sambalpur on Saturday where more than5000 youths and leaders of Bajarang Dal had participated and reiterated the demand to implement two existing acts (prevention of cow slaughter act) and (anti-conversion act) strictly in the state.

“We condemned the state government for taking such a long time to book the culprits involved in brutal killing of Swami Laxamananda. Swami who was fighting against cow slaughter and conversion was killed. When the two are legally not admissible in the state as government has specific law I do not know why government is not making the implementation of these acts strictly in the state”, the Organizing Secretary of the Bajarang Dal (Orissa) Gouri Kumar Rath told while addressing in the youth convention at Gangadhar Mandap.

The national secretary of the Bajarang Dal Suredra Jain condemned the attitude of the central government to make the country a pilgrimage for Christian missionaries. While addressing the gathering he condemned the government for patronizing the terrorist forces. “The terrorist forces have a link either with a church or a mosque but government at the centre shuts its mouths with a fear of its vote bank policy”, Jain told.

Among others Subash Chauhan, Basanta Rath and Jivan Chitanya Mahanta were prominent who addressed the gathering and appealed the youths to work against the forces who are creating disturbances against the Hindu forces.

The Bajarang Dal organized a massive rally that begins from NH6 at Ainthapali chowck and reached to Gangadhar Mandap covering a distance of 7 km. Cladding with traditional dresses and attires with traditional weapons, participants passed the streets with vibrant and patriotic slogans.

On the other hand deployment of police was quite visible during the processions and convention. About 27 platoons of police forces with 10 senior police officers and 35 inspectors were deployed to maintain law and order during the event.

“Looking to the congregation of the youths from various places we deployed police force to maintain law and order problem. Every thing was passed peacefully and no any untoward incident was reported during the programme” additional SP (Sambalpur) Labakanta Rana told.

Sources said, youths from all over the state especially from western Orissa and southern Orissa have participated in the one-day convention.

Earlier Programmes were organized in the birth place of Veer Surendra Sai at Khinda, near Sambalpur (30 km away) and Sambalpur town to commemorate the birth anniversary of veer Surendra Sai.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

government should make the use of its Hospital and schools mendatory for the officials: swami Agnivesh

If you want to proper functioning and improvement of the government run-schools and hospitals of the country than make the use of government schools and government hospitals mandatory for the government officials. Eminent human right activists Swami Agnivesh formulates a new idea for the government in order make the government hospitals and schools back to track. He conveyed the government officials to use the government establishments if they want to continue their services in government offices

“If you are working under the government establishment than you have to you utilize the services provided by the government. The people’s representatives of the country are also to fellow the same principle and it should be mandatory for them”, Swami Agnivesh told while addressing a press conference on Sunday at Sambalpur.

Swami Agnivesh during two day visit to western Orissa went to Paikmal on Saturday where he addressed a protest-rally that opposes mining in Gandhamardhan hill. He also went to Sambalpur University to address the students to create awareness among them for national wide anti-dowry campaign. On Sunday he addressed gathering of intellectuals at Sambalpur. “I do not agree mining at Gandhamardhan, Niyamgiri as it will totally destroy the flora and fauna of the region. I also oppose POSCO” Swami Agnivesh told adding that industrialization would hardly feed the poor and downtrodden.

‘Production should be by masses and not for masses’, reiterating the Gandhian principle of village and cottage industry Swami said we are running behind a mirage of developed country. Developed countries do not have a social system. ‘Depression among youngsters is in rising which leads them for suicide”, he asserted.

Swami asked the government to have an equal principle for every one. ‘Right to education, right to work and right to have a dignified life for all should become constitutional right for all’, Swami added.

The programmes were organized under the banner of People’s initiative for Development, a mass organization of the Smablpur. “We organize these programmes to educate people and students and to create a movement against the destruction of the society in the name of economic development. Local artisans including weavers, goldsmiths, carpenters, potters and others are now starving because of the loss in the agro sector as they are indirectly linked to cultivation. Unless it is not revived immediately number of suicide will be increased in near future”, convener of the organization Bhawani Sankar Hota told.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

army to make a free and fair recruitment

Even army recruitments are not free from anti-social and unscrupulous people who cheat aspirants in the name of lucrative army jobs. The Army officials are quite apprehensive about the presence of such elements in the proposed grand recruitment rally to be held in Bolangir from 18th to 23rd January at Bolangir. So they want to create awareness among the youths not to get influence of such elements as only genuine and worthy youths will be selected in a free and unbiased manner.

“We do apprehend the presence of such elements during the recruitment rally as it has become their profession to cheat the poor and innocent youths when ever any army recruitment takes place. But we want to make it clear that such elements have absolutely no role in any recruitment, but they are only to cheat the innocent youths. I appealed the youths not to get influence on such false promises as recruitment in Army is always done in a free and fair manner”, commander, central command of Army Navin Jha told.

While talking to the press on Saturday in the conference hall of Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) , Com Jha described how the Inidan Army is taking keen interest on the development of the Army in Orissa. “Since we do not have a sizable numbers of persons in Indian Army we want to recruit youths of the state by organizing recruitment rally in various part of the state. The questions of having a separate regiment for Orissa can not be pushed forward unless there is a good number of youths from the state” commander Jha reiterated.

According to him, Army has already directed the state police and intelligence department of both state and central government to keep close watch on the movement of such anti-social elements during the progress of the recruitment. “But it is only possible if the candidates themselves would be aware and keep themselves away from such nuisance elements”, Jha added.

The RDC (northern Division) Jamil Ahamad khan expressed pleasure on the recent development of the Army to focus on the western part of the state in particularly. “I am happy that Army has taken keep interest to focus Orissa in their map. Thanks to the General Officer and commanding in chief of central command Lt.Gen JK Mohanty during whose tenure Orissa will get better focus in the Army map”, RDC Khan said.

According to him Army has decided to set a full-fledged Sanik School at Sambalpur and Army unit at Jharsuguda in near future. While identification of land for Sanik School has been finalized, for Army unit process has been on for identification. I hoped these establishments will definitely attract youths of the area to take up Army service as a ‘career’, Khan added.

students have demanded central status to SU once again

Students of western Orissa have decided to bring out a massive agitation demanding central status to Smabalpur University in a convention held at university campus on Tuesday. Nearly 500 student leaders and representatives of various colleges of the region have taken part in the convention and criticized the state government for its apathetic attitude on poor infrastructure and educational facilities of region. The students’ convention, organized under the leadership of the University students’ union has formed one 11-member action committee to decide the future course of action of the proposed agitation.

“We have decided to bring a massive agitation in western Orissa in support of the demand of giving central status to Smabalpur University. We know this is a long pending demand and state government has already agreed on principle to confer central status to this University and sent recommendation to the central government. But due to the apathetic attitude of the government the same is yet to materialize”, the president of the University students’ union Padmanav Mishra told

“Unless we agitate on this issue strongly it becomes difficult for us to achieve the goal”, Mishra appealed while addressing the students.

Sources said, Sambalpur University is one of the best universities of the country having total 180 colleges affiliated under it. Established in the 1964, it is the only university of the state that covers largest area of 11 districts of the region. BJD government led Naveen Patnaik wrote the central government recommending the justification behind the demand. Again in 2008 demand of giving central university status to Sambalpur University was made by the students and teachers following the declaration of the central government to establish a central university in Orissa. But the said was established in Koraput.

Former legislature and university employees (4th grade) association president Bal Gopal Mishra criticized the government for making divide and rule policy with the people of western Orissa. “Whether it is establishment of high court bench or head office of WODC, the state government plays a divide and rule policy with the people. So unless we stand unite it becomes difficult for us to achieve any thing”, Mishra told

‘Every time central government takes a decision on the establishment of central university, our hope become brighter as Sambalpur University fulfils all criteria to be given central university status”, former parliamentarian and leader of university employees’ federation, Bhawani Sankar Hota told. He urged the government to take immediate step as it would help to minimize the regionalism issue.

evening with urdu poet Shahriyar

It was not just an evening. It was an evening with famous Urdu poet of the country Prof. Shahriyar who shared his thought with the intellectuals of Sambalpur town in a get-together organized by the literary organization ‘Anurupa’ on Saturday. Prof Shahriyar is an eminent Urdu poet who received the Gangadhar national award of poetry from Smabalpur University on its 43rd foundation-day held on the previous day, expressing gratitude to the people of Orissa, appealed the mankind to make the world more beautiful.

‘If you do not make the world beautiful, at least you do not have a right to make it dirty’ professor of Aligarh Muslim university Prof. Shahriyar told while interacting with the people of Sambalpur during the programme ‘shahriyar’s evening held at Panthanivas conference hall. On this occasion the translated Oriya version of his book was released. The book that has been translated by Surya Mishra and Bhagirathi Mishra was circulated to the people.

‘We have translated his poetry book in Oriya language with in a short period and we got released the book through his hand on Saturday during his visit to Sambalpur to receive the Gangadhar award of poetry 2008 conferred to him by Sambalpur University on the eve of its 43rd foundation day. We feel proud to organize a programme at Smabalpur when he accepted our proposal to release the translated version of his poetry book’, the convener of ‘Anurupa’ Surya Mishra told.

While interacting with the literary community of the town, Prof. Shahriyar informed that he was never aimed to become a poet (sayar) but situation makes it possible and he became a poet of Urdu. “My parents were in uniformed services and they wanted me to follow them. But I left the house going against their will and became a poet fighting with the situation”, Dr. Akhalaq Mohammed Khan commonly known as Shahriyar in literary circle told

‘Listen to your heart and definitely you achieve your goal if you are sincere and honest to your work. Human beings are always beautiful among all creations, but you will become more beautiful by your creation’, Prof.Shariyar told. He appealed the seniors to encourage the juniors as one can never take any one’s place. ‘There is a fear of loosing your own place incase you lift any one. but honestly speak no body can take your place’, he asserted.

The eminent poet and vice-chairman of Orissa Sahitya Academy Uma Sankar Panda presided over the function who felicitated the guest poet with a shawl. It becomes a dream for the new generation poets to have interaction with Prof.Shahriyar, but thanks to ‘Anurupa’ that brings the dream into reality.

sambalpur versity singed MOU with Denmark university

Sambalpur University signed MOU with the Aarhus University of Denmark on Saturday to exchange cooperation and friendship among the students and faculty members for a period of three years from the date of its sign. The Sambalpur University Vice Chancellor Prof AK Pujari and vice chancellor of Aarhus University have agreed to provide and exchange all facilities and expertise among the two universities.

“The MOU is intended for the exchange cooperation and friendship between the two universities in the field of academic and cultural development between the two countries. It will certainly help us to develop out cultural heritage and academic positions. There will be regular exchange of students and faculties among the two universities’ Prof Arun Kumar Pujari, vice Chancellor of the Sambalpur University told

Sources said, with the endeavor to boost educational ties with India, the European Union (EU) decided to form a joint consortium of three educational institutions of the country including Sambalpur University to promote study of various facets of contemporary India. The consortium that has set up at the Aarhus University, Denmark has Sri Venkateshwar College, New Delhi, and Allahabad University and Sambalpur University under the style of Contemporary India Study Centre Aarhus (CISCA)

"The focus will be on to enhance and strengthen the present academic advancement of knowledge of Indian and south Asia. This will also be helpful to design specific topics in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses,'' said Dr. Deepak Behera who is a member of the consortium and head of the Anthropology department of the Sambalpur University. .

“This is welcome step in the field of anthropology but the MOU does not confine to only Anthropology as we have agreed to use the exchange programme in any other branch where we feel the necessity”, Dr. Uwe Skoda, visiting professor of Aarhus University of Denmark told

Murder case reopens to haunt politicians

The visit of petition committee headed by former minister and legislature Bishnu Das to Jharsuguda on Wednesday has created storm in the district political circle as committee members tried to dig upon sensational Knata Das murder case took place in Jharsuguda court premises 7 years ago. Kanta Das was than under police custody after he was accused in the murder of congress leader Samu Kedia. Police were than criticized for ‘plotting’ false encounter to eliminate the evidence of both murder cases. It was also alleged that the present legislature Naba Das, than police superintendent Diptesh Patnaik and few others were behind the scene for which police did not take proper interest to investigate both cases. The family members of deceased have requested the committee members to re-open the investigation as it would help to ‘unveil’ mask of few eminent persons of the district.

“Every one knows that who were behind the scene and who plotted to kill Kanta Das. Why police killed the assailants of Knata Das in a false encounters when they were trying to surrender before the police. Why it took such a long period to complete the investigation. To answer all these questions the case should be properly investigated once again. So we requested the committee members to reopen the case for greater interest”, Sridhar Das, father of the deceased Kanta Das and petitioner told.

Sources said, Kanta Das was arrested and sent to jail in the sensational murder of congress leader and than district president Samu Kedia that occurred on 3rd May 2003. On 25th September 2003 two assailants hurled bomb on him killing on the spot when he was under the police custody and taken to Jharsuguda ADJ court for appearance. Armed police chased both the accused persons and caught them while they had climbed over a tree near by Orampara. But police superintendent rushed to the spot allegedly directed the police force to ‘encounter’ both accused.

Sources said, since Samu Kedia was arch rival of congress leader Naba Das, people suspected his role behind his murder. But police did not investigate the matter properly and closed the file after the killing of Kanta Das.

“It is a false allegation I am no way connected to the case. But looking to my political career few opponents want to tarnish my political credibility by throwing mud. People know the fact”, Das told. On the other hand the chairman of the petition committee Bishnu Das has assured the deceased family members to take step to recommend the government for re-investigation of the case.

Ulgulan, the 2nd movie in Sambalpuri ends the wait of 20 years

The 2nd movie in Sambalpuri language ‘Ulgulan’ got released at Sambalpur’s Asoka talkies on Friday after 20 years of Bhukha, the first movie of the language. When people of western Orissa are demanding the recognition of Sambalpuri as a separate language, the release of a movie in the language has got a significant role

We are happy to see a movie in our own language after 20 years. First it was Bhukha in 1989 and now it is Ulgulan. A long-way of waiting. But we feel proud to see it. we do not know how it will meet the aspiration and demand of the people, but it is sure that the movie will open a new avenue for others in this field”, eminent activist Karunakar Supakar told.

Sources said, Ulgulan, is a term used in western Orissa which synonyms for rebellion or revolution. The movie is based on a love story happened during 18th century during that time villages of the Sambalpur region were under threats of Burgees as they were not only taking the paddy and property but also they were outraging the modesty of the females. The villagers finally decided to fight against the Burgees to take revenge. Being the third venture of Sanjay Das’s Maa Mngala movies, Ulgulan is its first attempt in Sambalpuri language.

“We have tried to dispatch an atmosphere of 18th century in the movie by taking fresh and new artists. We do not know how people would accept us in the movie. But we take the credit of producing a movie in Sambalpuri language after 20 years of releasing first moive in the language”, producer Sanjay Sahu told.

The movie is having art and culture of the region. Sambalpuri folk dances and songs those are included in the movie to make it more attractive. ‘I have tried to give a new taste in the Sambalpuri songs and music through the movie’, Bablu Mitra, music director of the movie told. Local legislature Jay Narayan Mishra attended the premier show and appreciated the artists and production team for their efforts.

and now it is 20twenty football match

Twenty20 cricket match has become quite popular ever since the new method has been introduced in the world of cricket, but in foot ball match have you ever heard about twenty20 ? But here in Sambalpur twenty20 football match has been organized every year over the past 26 years. Under the aegis Meher Association, one of the premier sport organizations of Sambalpur, experiment is going on to make football popular among the people. In order to give a new look to it the members decided to organize one-day twenty20 football competition every year where football teams from several parts of the region participate and play the matches.

‘Since we do not have much financial support, we decided to organize such a tournament. Here cost is very low as we complete it in one day. More over our passion on the foot-ball and in order to keep the foot ball alive among the youngsters, this is perhaps the best way to organize such twenty20 foot ball matches’, Secretary of the Meher Association Biraja Sankar Hota told.

Souce said, Meher Association of Sambalpur is one of the oldest foot-ball organizations of the state that has brought glory to the state in the field of football in the past. The contribution of the organization in the field of foot-ball is similar of the contribution of Mohan bagan or Mohammedan sporting of WB. But with the changing of time and situation, the Organization fails to produce new talent in the recent time because of the poor-interest of the youngsters on football.

‘Our organization is the nursery in the field of football as it has produced numbers footballers in the past that brought glory to the state in football. But now with the rise of cricket, most of the youngsters do not take interest in football. So our efforts are to make popularize football again’ Mr. Hota told. “We organize Twenty20 football matches ever since we started this tournament 26 years ago. Here duration of match is 45 minutes including a gap of 5 minutes. Each team comprising 9 players plays 20 minutes on each side of the ground”, he added.

Souce said the one-day twenty20 football-tournament; organized on Sunday at Gangadhar Meher college ground was on its 27th years where 7 teams from various part of western Orissa participated. The rural star of Bolangir won the final match by bating Kosmas club of Sambalpur with 2-0 and grabbed the cup. “It was a nice experience to play twenty20 football match. I think after coming up the twenty20 cricket match, twenty20 football match will definitely be popular among the people” defender of Bolangir’s rural star Sanjib Maharan told.

Friday, January 8, 2010

comunal harmony: Hindu family observed Tazia since last 346 years in Sambalpur

What more becomes an example of communal harmony in Sambalpur when a family belongs to Hindu Family performs the rituals of Muslim community by bringing Tazia procession for generations on the day of Moharrum Locally known as ‘Hindu Tazia’ that the Padhiary family of Modipara brings every years over the past more than 3 century with out any break. More over the Hindu Tazia is also prepared by a Hindu family for generation. But the only thinks that distinguishes Modipara Tazia is that when the top (tomb) of the other Tazias are of white and green colour, here it is of red colour and coconuts are offered here by the devotees unlike the Muslims.

“I have been performing the rituals since the days of my child hood and after the death of my father I have taken the responsibility of bringing it out the procession every year as it has become a tradition of our family. This is 346th years of event since the day we our family began this procession in 1664” the elder member of the Padhiary family Lal Mohan Padhiary of Modipara of Sambalpur town told.

Although belongs to a traditional Brahmin family of the town Lal Mohan does not see any difference in the functions of the two religions. “We are give equal importance to the functions of both religions since our child-hood. So this has become our tradition in the family”,. Padhiary told.

According to him Jayadev Padhiary, one of his fore-father left the house during 1655 to avoid his marriage. He did not return home till 1663. The family members suspecting him dead performed his last rituals.

But suddenly he appeared one day in the year 1663 along with two Maulanas. They stayed for some times with him and with their inspiration, Jayadev wished to bring Tazia procession during Moharrum. Initially the Padhiary family objected it but due to his rigidness they remained silent. When the matter was public there was a lot hew and cry in the town. But it was than ruler of Sambalpur who allowed Padhiary to perform the Tazia procession. The ruler had not only allowed him to do the job but also he pleased to allot a piece of land to meet the expenses of the Tazia. “The Tazia ground of Modipara tells the truth. We bring Tazia from the same ground every year. However we perform puja as per our Hindu tradition” Padhiary told.

Jayadev had reportedly started his first Tazia procession in the year 1664.Since than the Padhiary family has been engaged in this Tazia procession. Sukdev Padhiary, the grand father of Lal Mohan was bringing out the Tazia procession and after his death, his son and father of Lal Mohan, Gouranga Padhiary took the responsibly of the Tazia procession. Since my childhood I am involved in it and now I don’t see any difference in it. I do not feel any difference between Tazia processions or Dusherra procession, Lal Mohan Padhiary franked

In the same way preparation of Tazia is also done by a Hindu family in generations. Laxmi Dutta Taria recalled how he was doing it with his father Tikeswar Taria and after his death he took up the job “I prepared Tazia decoration every year but I never feel it a festival of Muslim community rather I believe Tazia as our own, so I called it as Hindu Tazia”, Laxmi said.

More over the Padhiary family is also priest of a temple located in Modipara. The younger brother of Lal Mohan, Rajendra looks after the temple. I perform puja in the temple every day as the temple belongs to our family. “When my elder brother is looking after the Tazia procession every year I take care of the temple work:, Rajendra Padhiary told.

principal of Hirakud ITI trasferred after his involvement in misappropriation of government fund

Instead of taking action to recover the money, government just transferred the principal of the Hirakud based Insutrial training institute (ITI) to Behampur after a probe found his involvement in a misappropriation of government fund. The probe that was conducted by a group of senior officials constituted by state industry department had submitted its report to the government in January 2009 recommending stringent action against the erring officer with recovery of the misappropriated amount. But surprisingly information received through RTI act reveled that action could not initiate against him even after 11 months as the matter was under the consideration of CM who supposed to pass an order with consultation of the OPSE.

Sources said, Nisakar Mallick, that principal of ITI, Hirakud was allegedly misappropriated crores of government funds when he was in charge of workshop superintendent and DDO (drawing and disbursement officer of Rourkela based UGIE. Director of Technical education and training (DTE&T) under Industry department of government of Orissa appointed a committee in 2007 under the chairmanship of LK Mahapatra, present principal of Berhampur engineering school after serious allegation of misappropriation of government fund was made against the Mallick and few others. The committee after verifying the records and cash books of the institution found truth about the allegation against the Mallick and others. The committee placed its inquiry report before the government on 30th January 2009 where the committee confirmed a misappropriation of government fund of a tune of above Rs. three lakhs against Mallick and two others. It was also recommended by the Committee to take stringent action against Nisakar Mallick and other to recover the amount from their pockets.

“We conducted the probe after the committee was constituted under my chair. We had 6 members in the committee which sits on various occasions to verify the records and vouchers of the UGIE, Rourkela. On verification we found a misappropriation of above 3 lakhs rupees of the government fund. So in our report we recommended to recover the amount from Sri Mallick and others.”, the principal of the Berhampur based Engineering School. Dr. L K Mohapatra told TOI over phone.

On the other hand, the principal of ITI, Hirakud Nisakar Mallick was transferred to Berhampur Engineering School as senior lecturer on 30th Oct 2009 after the DTE& T, Cuttack recommended to Industry department for his immediate transfer from Hirakud. But department is not sure when action would be initiate against him to recover the misappropriate amount from his pocket as the same is under the consideration at the Chief Minister level. “We do not know it as the same is under the consideration at the CM level’, a senior official of the industry department confirmed.

10 arrested including a school teacher for Ganja cultivation in Sambalpur

At least 10 people including a primary school teacher have been arrested on Thursday by the police in connection with the ganja cultivation in Naketideul area of Sambalpur district. Police arrested them after conducting joint raids with excise officials on various villages under Naktideul police station limits. Police and excise officials took such step after being pressurized with the news items published in the ‘Times of India’ where villagers of Jamjuri under the Naktideul police station had threatened to leave their native fearing a possible attack by of the ganja mafia as they are getting life threat from the mafia after they made complaint of rampant ganja cultivation in their surrounding village

The villagers were receiving life threat from the ganja mafias after they brought the matter into the notice of the district administration as they sustained heavy crop loss because of the rampant illegal ganja cultivation. When they brought the issue into the notice of district administration requesting to initiate action against ganja cultivation, they received threatening from the ganja mafia. Apprehending a noxious relation with the law abiding officials with the ganja mafia, they decided to leave the village on last week. According to them paddy crop was affected because of the scarcity of water and fertilizers as maximum water was pumped out by the mafia for ganja cultivation.

“Due to Ganja cultivation, we do not get sufficient water as Ganja Mafias pumped out water for their illegal cultivation. They also take the kerosene oil meant for us to run pump sets. As they take maximum pesticide in a higher price, we hardly get pesticides in our place.” Prahllad Pradhan, a villager of Jamjuri alleged

“When the situation becomes worst this year due to heavy crop loss we appealed the administration to take immediate action to stop Ganja cultivation. But surprisingly we get constant threat from ganja mafias for demanding action again them. We believe a strong racket is working behind the cultivation with the active help of local political leaders and administration”, he alleged. .

Sources said, Naktideul block area of the district has bestowed with green and natural forest and because of the inaccessible geographical condition initially it becomes the shelter place for the Maoist activists. But due to dispute among the top leaders in connection with money, police arrested most of them and the area become free from Maoist now. But taking the benefit of the situation, Ganja mafias are quite active in the area.

The excise and police officials have never arrested any one till now in connection with the ganja cultivation but on few occasions they conduct raids and destroy ganja cultivations to avoid public criticism.

“We arrested 10 people 3 from Jamjuri, 4 from Gadadharpur and 3 from Batgoan under NDPS act when we found their connection with alleged ganja cultivation. We also seized huge amount of ganja from their houses. Among them one Gurucharan Biswal of Batgoan is working as a teacher in Keloberna Primary School. We forwarded them to judicial custody on Friday”, the deputy superintendent of excide, Sambalpur Duryodhan Panigrahi told. According to him, the accused persons have cultivated ganja on their private land and on adjacent government plots “During raid we seized 37000 ganja plants and 10 kgs of ganja from the accused persons”, Panigrahi added

Thursday, January 7, 2010

lawyers started economic blockade demainding high court bench

While the separate kosal statehood demand is going on in western Orissa, the lawyers’ agitation seems fueling the movement. On Saturday lawyers of the region went on to block the good trucks plying on the national highways. ‘Economic blockade’, what exactly they termed it was started from Saturday morning and concluded in the evening. As a result to this thousands of good trucks remained unmoved on the road sides of the NH 6.

“We have decided not to disturb the common people and passengers going through passenger buses and private cars. Our target was good trucks. Today it was symbolic but if the government does not take appropriate step for the establishment of the high court bench in Sambalpur immediately than we would paralyze transportation of goods for days together’, president of the Sambalpur district bar association Pradeep Kumar Bohidar told.

“Besides two/three minor incidents, the agitation was totally peaceful. Armed police were deployed on various part of the national high way in view of the agitation of lawyers.”, DSP (Sambalpur) Dinabandhu Patel told.

According to him, a case has been registered with Sadar police basing on the complaint of the lawyers against a truck driver who was inebriated condition and attacked the lawyers while they were blocking the truck on the national high way 6 near Sindurpank outskirt of Sambalpur. “We receive complaint of 2/3 minor incidents where lawyers and truck drivers exchanged hot words during the road blockade agitation. But overall it was totally peaceful”, DSP Patel added.

It may be informed that the lawyers of western part of the state have decided to boycott the court works on last 3 working days of each months in support of their long pending demand of establishment of a permanent bench of high court in western Orissa. But this time they began ‘economic blockade’ on Saturday being it was the last working day of December.

“We thank the people of Sambalpur for extending their cooperation in our agitation. We urged the government to take immediate step for the establishment of the high court bench in western orissa before the situation goes out of the hand”, General secretary of the Bar association Chittaranjan Panda told.

“We have been agitating for a long time but due to the apathetic attitude we will force to support the separate statehood demand going on in western Orissa to achieve our demand”, Panda suggested

orissa assembly speaker punished for violenting rules of King Kansa in Bargarh

Speaker of Orissa legislative assembly Pradeep Amat was to accept the punishment imposed on him by the king Kansa for disobeying the rules of the Mathura kingdom. Amat assured the king to obey every direction of the King for his ‘fault’ to visit Gopapur with out the prior consent of the king.

Sources said, Speaker Amat visited Bargarh as a guest of the king Kansa on the 5th day of the Dhanuyatra on Friday but prior to his visit he went to Gopapur to meet Krishna and Balaram. When Knasa came to know about it he was furious. Since Krishna and Balaram was his enemy, he could not tolerate and asked the speaker to ready for the punishment for violating the rule of his kingdom.

Replying Kansa politely Speaker Pradeep Amat informed that he went to Gopapura to access their power. He assured Kansa to obey what ever direction he gives. “It was a good gesture. I enjoyed a lot with the delivery of dialogues of king Kansa”, Pradeep Amat told TOI while talking over phone about his experience.

It may be mentioned here that who ever is going to Mathurapuri during Dhanuyatra he or she must obey the rules of the Kansa’s kingdom, especially the invitees and guests. No one is allowed to meet Krishna and Balaram with out the prior consent of the king Kansa as in contrary Kansa considers it a part of conspiracy.

After the satisfactory answer of the speaker, Knasa directed him to give adequate information regarding the roads and direction of the places where Krishna and Balaram reside. Speaker was agreed to the proposal of Knasa.

Prasanna Panda's death anniversary observed in sambalpur

In the changing social behavior, farmers are taking the ultimate step to kill them as there is no social security in the farmers’ community of the state. Government agencies do not able to rescue the farmers because there is lack of commitment among the officials. It is a matter of concern when a farmer commits suicide who is supposed to feed the society with his hard labour. The toll would increase in future if Government does not take the matter seriously.

This was opined by the speakers while deliberating their opinions on the occasion of the symposium on ‘social security verses farmer’s suicide’ organized by the Prasanna Panda memorial committee on his 12th death anniversary at Sambalpur on Friday. Speaking on this occasion, eminent educationist and columnist Dr. Narayan Pruseth expressing his concern said that earlier farmers were able to meet their both ends with what ever they produced from their agricultural produce. “The real problem started only after the globalization when farmers are told to enhance their produce by using pesticides and fertilizers. Now the cost of production is high in comparison to what they earn finally”, Prof. Pruseth exclaimed.

Government should not shift its responsibility by giving faulty data on agriculture loans. “The loan amounts that a farmer takes from nationalized or cooperatives bank is less than what he takes from private persons and money lenders. But it never comes to calculation many a times’, Dr. Pruseth told.

On the other hand, the president of the president of Posco Pratirodha Sangram Samiti (PPSS) Abhaya Sahoo told that he was never against industrialization. “But my only concern is that I do not want industry at the cost of farmers”. Abhaya Sahoo told. He said that when the value of land is precision, by exchange of few lakhs if some one tries to uproot the peaceful living of the people how a conscious person will tolerate it. Mr. Sahoo apprehended that lakhs of people of Jagatsinghpur district would commit suicide like the farmers of western Orissa in coming days because of the government’s rigidness on the Posco. “People will not support any capitalist investment on bay of Bangle’s coast as nature provides them free lively-hood to the people with out any investment”, Sahoo told. He appealed the agitators of all displacement movements that are going on in Orissa to come under one banner to make their voices stronger. “Government has no right to sell mineral resources of the state to the hand of MNCs with out considering the opinion of the common people who are the real custodian through generation”, Sahoo argued. The president of the memorial committee Dr. Ramaballav Mishra was presided over the programme. Social activists Ashok Bisi and Unionist Dr. DP Nayak were also spoke on this occasion.

congress councilors locked muncipal office in protest against the illegal act of Chairperson

In protest against the illegal activities of the chairperson of Sambalpur municipality, congress councilors have locked the office and chamber of the chairpersons on Tuesday. They unlocked it after 4 hours when ADM rushed to municipality office. The chairperson who remained outside the office, assured to convene a council meeting on Wednesday to take suitable decision on the allegation made by agitating councilors.

Sources said, Sambalpur Municipality has a total 29 wards out of which BJP and congress have shared 15 and 13 respectively leaving one to an independence candidate. Since the chairman post is reserved for a lady, BJP’s Reena Trivedi becomes chairperson. The congress councilors of the municipality however oppose the activities of the chairperson on various occasions alleging ‘unethical’. They have also requested the chairperson to behave properly while discharging the official obligation of the municipality. But as the situation remains unchanged, they decided to ‘locked’ the office.

‘We have requested the chairperson to ‘behave’ properly while discharging the official obligation. But the chairperson takes decision with out taking the council in to confidence. She has taken many decisions regarding financial expenditure with out placing it in the council meeting. We apprehend an ‘ulterior motive’ in it. So decided to locked the office on Tuesday’, congress councilor Susanta Purohit alleged.

“We unlocked the office on the request of the ADM after 4 hours.”, another councilor Ashok Soni told. “Chairperson Trivedi has assured us to convene a council meeting on Wednesday where decision on our allegations will be discussed.”, Soni added. The chairperson was not available for her comment.