Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bargarh police busted inter-district fake currency racket

In a major break through, Bargarh police busted a racket that was active in circulating fake currency in the district. Police seized huge quantity of fake currency along with the manufacturing unit from village Sahajbahal under Binka police station of Sonepur district on Wednesday night. Police arrested 3 persons including the kingpin of the nefarious trade from his house who identified as Biswamitra Mahananda. The other two accused were Josobanta Majhi of Mahulbahali and Anang @ Ajay sagaria of Gunesh village, both under Tureleka police station of Bolangir district.  Police describing it a major achievement, apprehended arrest of few more persons shortly.
“It is a major achievement for the Bargarh Police. We have so far have seized fake currency of Rs.1, 25,650.00 of 1000/500/100 and 50 denominations. We have also seized colour Xerox machine, colour scanner, printer, chemicals and JK excel bond paper 1000 piece, huge nos of currency notes under preparation. We have arrested 3 persons including the master mind Biswamitra. But we apprehend involvement of few other persons in the trade”, deputy Superintendent of police (Bargarh) Nagendra Nayak said
Police sources said, acting on a tip off, police nabbed on Anang @ Ajay Sagaria of Turekela rencely with fake currency while he was circulating it Bargarh town. Police seized 4 fake currencies from him. From him police found the identity of one Josobanta Majhi of Bolangir. Both described them as agent of Biswamitra.
After getting information about the kingpin, one of our officers Dilip Swain went to the village of Biswamitra, identifying himself as Iswar Sharma, a trader of Sohela and intended to purchase fake currency. When Viswamitra came with fake currency, we came from the hide out and arrested him. On search we found the manufacturing unit of the fake currency that was functioning in his house  
On interrogation the culprits disclosed of having training in Andhra Pradesh to learn the technique of preparing fake currency. The Rs 1000 rupee series are OAL 833060,61,436417,833054,833057,833059,833062,Rs 100 rupee series,5HF228572,6BUJ 525713,6BU 071775,6BU 071 776,8LE 619325,Rs 500 rupee series 4 DU 241484,2KW 369413,2 AN 541079.

man beheaded his sister-in-law over family feud in Deogarh

The man that beheaded his sister-in-law in Tinkbir village in Deogarh’s Reamal police station limits was sent for medical examination of Thursday. During preliminary investigation police found the incident was no way connected with the alleged black magic of the deceased but with the sudden provocation of the killer over the dispute between the two in connection with a land dispute. Police came to know about this from the two eye witnesses present at the time of the incident.
“The man came to the police station on Wednesday evening with the chopped head and axe after hacking his sister-in-law in order to surrender before the police soon after he committed the crime. He roughly covered a distance of 10 km to reach the police station. He confessed that he killed his sister-in-law because he fell ill because of her black magic. But I was surprised how he walked such a long distance, when he was ill”, the IIC of the Reamal police station Antaryamee Behera said.
According to Behera, when the police team reached the spot     where the headless body of the lady was found in a pool of blood was the disputed land located half a km from the village.  The lady identified as Khiradini (45) was looking after the land of her husband after later’s death. A mango tree that covered the land of the lady was preventing her from farming. So she wanted to cut few braches of the tree. But the accused Kantaru Sahu (55) was not interested as it fetches huge quantity of mango.
“Wednesday evening the lady went to the field along with one Khirendra and Goutam. When Khirendra was cutting off the braches, Gautam was under the tree to help Khirendra. At that time accused Kanraru Sahu came and he became furious. With sudden provocation he attacked the lady and chopped off her head”, Inspector Behera said.
“Both Khirendra and Goutam had seen the incident as they were present. After interrogating both, I came to know the exact situation that led the man to hack his sister-in-law”, IIC Reamal Behera said. 
According to the police accused made a false story of black magic to mislead the police after hacking the lady.  Accused will be forwarded on Friday u/s 302 IPC.  

Administration banned vulgar dance during Sital Sasti

thousands of visitors especially youngsters might be disappointed  not to see the sizzling and erotic dance performed by the girls of South India during the week-long   Sital Sasti festival  of Sambalpur , this year as the administration says no to vulgar and obscene dance during the festival. The administration took this decision in the coordination meeting of the sital Sasti held in the collector’s conference hall on Wednesday.  The administration has suggested the respective festival committee to include more folk and cultural items replacing the obscene dances. Sital Sasti, the biggest socio-cultural festival that commemorates marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva with Maa Parvati is also considered the longest celebration on wheels. The festival that begins this year from June 12th will be concluded on 18th with the entering of the newly married couple to their respective shrines. 

To make the festival successful, a preparatory meeting was organized under the chair of the collector on Wednesday where besides the office-bearers of the various Yatra committees, officials of various government departments were also present. “From our side we are ready to provide all sorts of cooperation to make the festival successful. But we also want the respective yatra committee to ensure no vulgar and obscene dance during the festival as it sends a wrong massage on the sacred festival”, collector HK Dash said.  “I am hopeful the Yatra committees would maintain the dignity and sanctity of the festival”, collector Dash said. However he seemed firm on it when few members expressed reluctant over it.             
On the other hand, members of various Yatra committees have assured to the administration to take utmost care to include more and more folk arts and culture in the festival to make it attractive and creditable. “We have no interest to encourage vulgar and obscene dances in the festivals but we do it because of the people’s demand. We are trying to include more cultural troupes and folk arts to make the festival attractive and watch worthy.”, the chairman of the Sital Sati coordination committee Amulya Mishra said. “We have decided to concentrate on folk and culture this year to make the festival clean” secretary of the Badbazar Yatra committee Dibakar Patnaik said.

The century-old festival is primarily observed by two groups named Jharuapara’s Aranyak committee and and Nandapara’s Utkaliya committee. But presently another 3 committees of Modipara, Badbazar and Thakurpara have also been observing the same in their respective places. “No one knows the actual dates when the festival was started in Sambalpur. But from the government records and other documents it is ascertained that the festival was organized in the 16th century with the patronage of than royal family”, eminent pleader Govind Narayan Agrawal said.

Chhatishgarh government to improve Nrusinghnath tourist place

With out considering the tourism potentiality, when state government is interested for mining in the Gandhamardhan hill, the decision of the Chhattisgarh government to spend Rs.two crores for the development of the Nrusinghnath, natural tourist spot located on the foothill of Gandhamardhan makes everyone happy. Gandhamardhan, the famous range of hill which covers Nuapara, Bargarh and Balangir district of the state is well-known for its medicinal value of having thousands of rare species of medicinal plants. Nrusinghnath in one side and Harisankar on the other side attract lakhs of pilgrims every year. But over the past, state government does not give much attention on the development of these spots because it is interested on the bauxite that reserves in the hill. The decision of the Chhattisgarh government receives huge appreciation from the local people as they apprehend severe destruction of the natural beauty once mining is taken place in the area.
“We do not want mining at any cost as we apprehend serious consequence of the environment once mining is taken place in the area. We also apprehend extinct of the rare species of medicinal plants that are available here. So we welcome the decision of the Chhattisgarh government. I attended the meeting held in Raipur recently where CM Raman Singh took the decision to spend Rs. 2 crores for the development of the Nrushingnath”, former president of the Nrusinghnath trust Pradeep Kumar Purohit said.
According to him, the Chhatisgarh government will construct a Panthnivas at Nrusingnath in the first phase, for the benefit of the hundreds of tourists that are coming every day to the famous temple. 80% of the tourists coming to the place are from Chhattisgarh as they consider the place is pious.  But they face serious difficulties as there are no proper accommodation facilities near the temple. Due to lack of accommodation facilities tourists come to the place only in the day time.
Sources said, the Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh has written a letter to the Orissa chief minister Naveen Patnaik requesting the latter to provide an acre of land for the same. The construction will take place once Orissa state government identifies the requisite land.   Nrusinghnath is considered as ‘papaharini tirtha’ for the people of Chhatishgarh, so a large number of people from the state come every year. To realize the fact, members of the temple trust and Gandhamardhan Yuba parisad met the Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh to discuss about the improvement of the facilities available in the Nrusinghnath temple area for the tourists.
“It was a pleasant meeting with Raman Singh, the chief minister of Chhattisgarh held at Raipur on last Sunday where he announced about the construction of a huge building for the accommodation purposes”, convener of the Gandhamardhan Yuba parisad.Dhirendra Mohanty said. 
“We are thankful to the national general secretary of the BJP Dharmendra Pradhan for coordinating and convening our meeting with Raman Singh”, Pradeep Kumar Purohit said

sambalpur girl becomes miss universe -India finalist

Sushrii Mishraa, a girl of Sambalpur is all set to bring glory to the state after her entering into the final round of the Miss universe- India contest (I am she 2010 miss universe India pageant) currently under progress in Udaipur (Rajasthan). She is only from state and one among 29 contestants entering the final round across the county.  Mishra, daughter of defense officer Kishore Mishra and police officer Sabita Panda is quite confident to represent the country in the Miss Universe contest. The final would be held at Mumbai.
“I am a dreamer, explorer and a discoverer. I am very passionate about life. I belong to a defense background and that has taught me loyalty and courage. If I have to describe myself in 3 words I would say I am spontaneous, vivacious with a pinch of panache.
I love dancing, horse riding, swimming, listening to music, reading and praying. I love to try new things in life. Because like any other ordinary girl I have extra ordinary dreams of making a difference in the world. I want to go the extra mile to bring the international crown back to India. And I believe it will be a step towards reaching my goal for this destiny, which I'll decide.” Sushrii has mentioned this about her in the web page of the contest-
The 19 years old pageant, Sushrii is presently pursuing her degree course in shyama Prasad Mukharjee College under Delhi University in New Delhi and preparing for the pageant contest over the past one year. She went to Delhi after completing +2 from BJB College, Bhubaneswar and Matriculation from St. Josephs’ convent, Sambalpur. 
Parents of the Sushrii expressed happiness over the development of their only daughter. They feel proud for her daughter and appealed the people of Orissa to vote for their daughter. “Now days contests are being influenced by the public voting, I appealed to the people of Orissa and on behalf of my daughter to cast votes in her favour to make her winner in the contest.  I hope she would make every one proud if she becomes successful in the event”, the police inspector (vigilance) and Sushrii’s mother Sabita Panda said while talking to the media in Sambalpur.
Sushrii is also a good athlete and dancer. She remained champion in state level sub-junior swimming competition and bagged gold medal for 3 times. She also received gold medal in all India horse-riding competition and in Odishi dance competition in Republic day camp (RDC) as a NCC cadet. In the year 2008-09 she got the title of Miss Delhi times in the competition held in New Delhi.  “I am confidant on my daughter as she has both ability and potentiality to represent the country”, Sabita Panda said. Sushrii, a native of Kolabira in Jharsuguda district but presently resides in Sambalpur with her parents at Santi Nagar of Sambalpur town 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mahanadi water becomes polluted: but people are left with no alternative

River Mahanadi, the nature’s gift to the state has been loosing its credibility because of the wrong planning and lack of foresight of the local body and government officials. The river’s water has become quite polluted over the past few years leaving it unhygienic for human consumption. The River that tempted many poets in the past for its natural beauty has become now the source of many water borne diseases. River Mahanadi is perhaps the only River that not only flows from western part to coastal part but it also creates a natural link between socio-culture traditions of two major parts of the state. Though every one of the state feels proud, no body is serious about the problem. Despite the devastation it causes during rainy season, it becomes the only source in the past for survival of the people leaving in many major towns located on its bank.
Sambalpur is one of the major towns of the state that appears after the river enters to the state crossing the boundary of the Chhattisgarh. The pollution of the river water starts right from Sambalpur as the garbage and sewage water of the town ends in the river water on various spots. Because of the contaminated water, the condition of the river becomes dangerous day by day. The river becomes full of dirt and water-plant making the water poisonous. 
“Every one is aware of the situation but due to wrong planning and negligent attitude of the local body and water resources department, sewerage and drain water discharges into the river with out any treatment making the river water polluted. The situation becomes worst in Sambalpur   during summer as people are left with no option to use the contaminated water because of the barrier (anicut) constructed at the end of the town to store river water” social activists Anil Kumar Padhi said.
According to him earlier Dam authority was discharging water on several occasions during summer to overflow the stagnant water stored at riverside, but dam authority stops discharging water during summer over the past few years apprehending shortage of water in reservoir.    
Sources revealed that Sambalpur town was established on the bank of the river Mahanadi by than ruler of Chowhan dynasty. The water of river Mahanadi was sufficient for the people of Sambalpur for their daily consumption. Before the construction of Hirakud dam the river was having flowing water round the year and there was no notable problem in Sambalpur as far as water scarcity is concern. But after the construction of Hirakud dam people of Sambalpur have encounter with water scarcity especially during summer season.
“We never experienced water scarcity during those days as we had sufficient water flowing in the river. In summer we had to go inside the river to get water. But it was totally clean water unlike today’s” 89 years old lady Saraswati Panda said.    
Source said, scarcity of water was felt by the people of Sambalpur after construction of the Hirakud dam especially during summer season. So to mitigate the water problem government decided to construct a barrier at the end of the town to encircle the River Mahanadi at town side to create an artificial lack.
“Since then governor AN Khosla inaugurated the barrier cum anicut during 1960 the artificial lack was named after him as “Ajodhya Sorobor”.  People became happy to get deep water round the year due to the anicut. In summer the water was overflowing once or twice to clean the dirt by discharging water from the dam. But it is not happening over the past few years because of shortage of water in the reservoir. Possibly after the decision of water sharing with the industrial houses”, eminent social activist and lawyer Govind Narayan Agrawal said.  
The real problem started in Sambalpur after the decision to construct of a ring road cum embankment on the river side of the town to join the national highway on the both side by the congress government.  The construction was started during 1996 but it was never become a complete-ring, because only 5 km could complete out of the proposed 18 km,.
“The project was never got completion because of wrong planning and negligent attitude of the officials. Because of the wrong planning of drainage people are left with no choice to discharge the drain water into river Mahanadi.”, activist Dilip Padhi said. 
According to him town’s waste water and drainage water are discharged into river Mahanadi at Sadak ghat and Balibandha points directly with out having treatment as a result of which people are suffering from water borne disease by consuming the water.   “There is a need of treatment of the waste water before it discharged into river Mahanadi we have been demanding it but it remains unheard because of the callousness of the government machinery’, Padhi added.
On the other hand the district administration has expressed helplessness over the situation. We have taken a note of it but unless a joint effort is not made it becomes difficult on out part to solve the problem”, collector Hemanta Kumar Dash said 

Gurubari Mirdha, the famous dancing star struggles for survival

She made than Prime Minister Indira Gandhi behold and starlet with her dance at Delhi 40 years ago. She was than just in teen 16 years old. The movement and rhythmic beats of Sambalpuri dance made the late prime minister moved who finally joined with her in the stage and surprised every one including the dancing ‘star’ herself Gurbubari Mirdha.  
“I still remember the event that turned my dance career. I was surprised to see her coming and dancing with me for quite sometime. This was my first visit to Delhi so I was little bit nervous but she managed every thing. Holding my hands she danced with me. Later we photographed with her”, Gurubari, now an ailing and helpless lady said from her faded-memory.
In a half-complete ‘Indira Awash’, she lives with her lover-husband with the glorious memory of her past. The girl, who was on her way to receive several acclamations and felicitation from various organizations after that event is now struggling for her survival as her financial condition does not able to support her daily expenses.
Yes we are talking about the versatile Sambalpur (Dalkhai) dancer Gurubari Mirdha who went to Delhi during 1968 to perform Sambalpuri dance. But her ecstatic dance form and rhythmic body movement on the tune of Sambalpuri beat left every one spell bound including than young Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She was so attracted towards the dance of Gurubari that she did not control herself and started dancing with her. But now Mirdha is ailing and bed-ridden in her virtually-broken house located in M Gandpali, under the Bijepur police station of Bargarh district, about 85 km from Sambalpur. Her husband Harsh Mirdha is also unfit to do any thing after he broken his leg a year back. The ailing couple lives with the mercy of the villagers. 

Gurubari Mirdha, who turned 56 years old, has received numerous awards and citations from various organizations across the state for her performances which include the Orissa Sangit Natak academy, Adivasi bhasa sanskruti academy, Mathkhai Utsav, Bolangir, Lokmohotsav Sambalpur and so on. Ever she was a regular performer of Doordarsan. 
The numerous certificates and mementoes that are packed in a bag tell the truth of her glorious past. But now these things have got no value for her as there are not able to quench her hunger. Struggling for her existence puts her in prolong illness. “I have received several awards and mementoes during my 40 years career but now these are meaningless for me as I am now virtually starving”, she said while narrating her story. 
The real problems of Gunubari started when her husband Harsa Mirdha sustained multiple fracture injury on his left leg last year. Though the fracture got healed in natural process but it makes his leg shapeless and as a result of which Harsa becomes unfit for any labour work. “Earlier we could manage things from his earning as daily labourer but the fracture on his leg left him jobless” Gurubari said.
Hearing her problems generous persons of Sambalpur have collected some funds and handed over to Mirdha for her medical treatment, ‘but the money given to her is not sufficient’ says retired MD of OHPC KK Supkar ‘as she needs a regular income for her livelihood’.
On the other hand villagers of M Gandpali do realize her contribution to the society and do not hesitate to extend their cooperation to the poverty-stricken couple. “We feel proud to be a resident of the village because of her. So we do contribute her as and when she requires any things. But we feel government should take necessary step to provide her minimum comfort as token of respect to the artist’, Biranchi Sahu, neighbor of Mirdha said.“At least the Indira awash provided by the administration should be immediately completed with provision of water and sanitation”, Sahu added. 
     When contacted the district collector of Bargarh expressed ignorance about the dancing-star but assured to look after her situation. ‘Since I am new to the district I have not much idea about her. But I will take all necessary steps to look after condition’, Collector (Bargarh) Bhabagrahi Mishra said.

Blame is on the chili-powder and not on the police

The run-away of a hardcore and interstate accused Roshan Pratap alias Bablu from the court premises while he was in police custody on Tuesday has really exposed the standard of police intelligence that functioning in the district. Though police came to know minute after his absconding, police were unable to foil his plan giving a severe blow to the entire police force of the district. People asked why police were not having a full prove security arrangement while he was taken outside the jail.
Sources said, the Roshan Pratap was the kingpin of the ‘Jewellry world’ decoity that occurred in February 2008 where huge amount of valuable ornaments of gold and diamond was taken away by the miscreants on the gun point. Than also police remained unsuccessful to track down the accused persons although having information about the incident with in few minutes.
“It was the close circuit-camera that was really helpful for the police to trace the identity of the accused persons. From the pictures recorded in the camera we came to know the involvement of the inter-state accused persons in the incident. But it took nearly 6 months to solve the case and to recover the ornaments”, a senior retired police officer Dinabandhu Patel said. Patel was than Deputy Superintendent of Police of Sambalpur.
According to him, the accused could not have taken such a step, had police officials of the district realized the pain and hard job rendered to nab the hardcore accused. “Every one of the department more or less knows the past record of the criminal Bablu who had once killed a jail warder in Jharkhand to break the jail”, Patel said.
“It is lack of supervision on the part of senior police officer and negligent attitude of the havildar and constables deployed”, former police officer Patel asserted.
On the other hand, the district police department has one intelligence wing led by an officer of DSP rank. The office is functioning inside the residence of the superintendent of police. The wing is supposed to gather information regarding secret development in each and every crime taken place in the district to improve the police action. But DIB (District Intelligence Bureau) seemed to have failed in this incident to gather prior information regarding the movement of the accused. “We have our own source to track down criminals as DIB hardly provide us any valuable information”, says one inspector of a police station of the district.
Meanwhile, the town police registered a case and arrested 2 persons reportedly helping the accused to flee from the police custody. Police have also seized one motor-cycle that was purchased by a criminal of Jharkhand who came to Sambalpur to help accused Bablu to escape from the police custody. Police have also failed to nab him who is reportedly ‘hatched’ the plot to rescue ‘Bablu’ from the police custody. We tried to contact the SP (Sambalpur) Asheet Panigrahi but his cell phone is remained switched off ever since the incident happens

hardcore criminal gives a slip to the police

The kingpin of the much hyped "Jewelry world" dacoity incident, Roshan Pratap Singh alias Bablu managed to escape from the police custody from court premises on Tuesday afternoon while he was brought to the court for appurtenance. Police personnel chased him after the incident but failed to trace him, Police however nabbed his aide and co-accused of the incident Tahir Ansari who was cuffed with Bablu. Bablu was one among 6 accused, arrested in the jewelry robbery case that occurred in February 2008. The incident has once again put the district police on their toes.

Sources said, the accused Roshan and Tahir Ansari of the jewelry robbery case that occurred in February 2008 were brought to the sambalpur district court along with other accused for their appearance on Tuesday. At about 1 o’ clock the accused Roshan reportedly requested the police constable on duty to allow him to attend call of the nature. Since Roshan was cuffed with Tahir, The constable Pramod Kishan took them towards the court boundary wall. But Roshan managed to unfasten his hand from the cuff and jumped the boundary wall. He fled away with a auto-rickshaw before police could nab him.

“It was just a fraction of moment and both tried to escape from the spot jumping the boundary wall of the court. While Roshan unfastened his hand from the cuff, the handcuff was remained with Tahir hands. We chased them but failed to nab Roshan. We only caught Tahir” a police constable said. According to him Roshan put chili-dust on the face of the constable Premed before he jumped the boundary wall. While pramod was busy in rubbing his face, Roshan got the opportunity to jump the wall.

Police however, taking the matter seriously informed all neighboring police stations. Police have been also started search at various places to nab the accused. But till evening police are not able to nab the accused. “We have taken the matter seriously. We have also deployed police at various points and search is going on to nab the accused. We hope to get him soon”, SDPO (Sambalpur) Dilip Kumar Deo said.

It may be informed that the ‘jewelry world’, one of the big jewelry shops was robbed on gun point on 3rd February 2008. The miscreants decamped with huge quantity jewelry and cash from the shop in broad day light. Police received severe criticism for not able to chase the accused person even though matter was informed to the police immediately. Later police taking the issue as a challenge arrested 6 accused persons including 3 interstate criminals. However police failed the nab Subash Burban, a jewelry shop owner of Ranchi who was master-mind of the incident. Police have also recovered major portion of the stolen jewelry from the accused person which reportedly worth of about Rs.80 lakhs