Friday, August 17, 2012

MCL celebrates I' Day with Keshab Swain

Thousands of people that gathered during the celebration of Independence Day function at Anand vihar of Mahanadi coalfields at Burla town were totally amazed to witness the martial arts of Keshab Swain, the Guinness-book-world record holder of Odisha for breaking maximum number of green-coconut in a given time. People cheered him when he started smashing green-coconuts with his head and elbow. Keshab of Bhubaneswar has entered Guinness book by breaking 85 green coconuts in 52 seconds with his elbow.
‘It was amazing moment for us to witness his art of braking green-coconuts. He is really a powerful man”, the CMD of MCL AN Sahay said while felicitated him on this occasion for making every one proud for showing real power of the human body. Sahay took the salute during the Independence Day parade organized in the Anand Vihar ground where students of various educational institutions of Burla and Sambalpur had participated.  
On the other hand, Keshab expressed gratitude to the officials of the MCL for giving him honour on this occasion. “I am delighted with the love and affection of the people of the company. I feel as if they are my own family members”, Keshab Swain said while talking to the media after his felicitation. He informed that he is trying to better up his score in future. At present he is preparing for entering in the ‘Asia Book’ and ‘India Book’ for which programme is scheduled to be held in Bhubaneswar on 29th of September 2012.
Keshab revealed that he wanted to enter another record in Guinness book by breaking green coconut with his head.  “I am preparing to break 30 green coconuts in one minute with my head”, Keshab said.   He informed that he has completed physical therapy training from Hyderabad to start a career as Physio-therapist.  In every sport, we need a physical therapist to guide the participant. “But due to lack of patronage, out youths do not opt to make it a career”, Keshab said. While informing about his future target, Keshab said that he wanted to establish an institution in Bhubaneswar shortly to provide training to the children on martial art.” But it depends on the government and various corporate houses as it requires financial assistance to meet the expenditure”, Keshab asserted