Monday, November 1, 2010

senior citizens demand renovation of Sambalpur Road station

Senior citizens of Sambalpur expressed concern over the apathetic attitude of the railway authority towards the improvement of the Sambalpur Road railway station. The Station that locates heart of the town is one of the busiest stations in the east coast railways as hundreds of commuters start their journey from the station every day. “The volume of tickets sell every day will speak the truth. But knowing well about the importance of the station for the people of Sambalpur, railway authority takes no step on the improvement the station”, Loknath Panda, convener of the senior citizen forum said.
The forum has decided put forth a memorandum to the railway authority to ensure the improvement of the railway station.  “We met on Sunday and decided put fourth our grievances before the railway authority on the improvement of the railway station”, Panda said.
According to him, the station has 3 platforms but the railway authority does not take any interest on the improvement of the station. The condition of plat form number number one speaks the apathetic attitude of the department toward the station.  “Passengers face difficulties while getting down from the train because of the   height of the platform as it remains drastically low We have been demanding numerous times but the railway authority gives no heeds on it”, Panda said. 
Sources said, the railway authority was once planned to close down the station because of smooth running of rail traffic. But the plan could not work out because of the vehement opposition of the local people. The railway authority gives no interest on the improvement of the station ever since decision of closing down the station was taken up.
“Though at present there is no such order of railway authority to close down the station, but we apprehend such an order soon. For which we do not want to spend money on the station”, DRM (Sambalpur) AV Prasad said. On the other hand people have warned the railways to bring a massive agitation in case there is any such decision to close down the station.        

police rescued females from wrongful confinement from a village in Sambalpur

Sambalpur police arrested and forwarded 3 person including two females on Monday to the judicial custody for allegedly keeping a group 11 females forcefully which includes a two years old child of Jagatsinghpur and Keonjhar districts under wrongful confinement over a period of 3 months in the name of ‘Opera’ performance in Gulamal village under Katarbaga village in the district. The prime accused and owner of ‘Samaleswar Opera group” was however managed to give a slip to the police. The females including a two years old child who were rescued from a locked house on the previous evening had made complaint before the police that were tortured both physically and mentally by the prime accused as they refused his proposal of adopting sex profession. They also made allegation that the accused was fastening their feet and hands with electric wire to keep them unmoved from the house. Police also found numerous burring scars on the body of the two years old child as the accused punched cigarette-smack on him regularly. However a lawyer of Jagatsinghpur district who was the man behind the rescue operation alleged that police acted only on the intervention of higher officials. 
“I got the information of the wrongful confinements of the females a month back when one of the victim’s relation contacted me and narrates the story.  I wrote letters to the SPs of both Jagatsighpur and Sambalpur as well intimated the matter to the CM office and NHRC. But when I did not get any response, I personally visited Sambalpur on 23rd October and met senior police officials. I requested them to initiate action to release the females. I also visited Rengali police station but my effort was not fruitful. I once again wrote letters to every one including the DG of police requesting his intervention.” Gagan Dash, senior lawyer of Jagatsinghpur and man behind the rescue said on Monday.  According to him Sambalpur police took the matter seriously during his 2nd visit on 31st Oct. A team of police under the direction of Addl. SP Gopal Tripathy rushed to the village to rescue the females from their wrongful confinement.
On the other hand police denying such allegations, revealed that police had been to the place soon after getting the information two weeks back, but as there was no complaint from these victims, police could not initiate any action. “We had been to the place to find out the truth but we were unable to initiate action against the accused as none of the victims made any complaint with us” Additional SP (Sambalpur) Gopal Tripathy said.  “But this time, they made allegation of physical torture and wrongful confinement. So we rescued them and arrested the culprits. However we failed to arrest the prime accused as he managed to abscond”, Tripahty said.
victims rescued by the police
Police identified the accused as Rajendra Behera, Suna Jena, Mama Jena and kalindri Swain. Police said Mama and Suna were ‘kept’ of Rajendra and both were instigating victims to agree with the proposal of Rajendra and accused Kalindri was working as his assistance.  Police rescued total 11 females including a child of two years old. While 7 Victims belong to Jagatsighpur’s Padmapur and Naugoan villages and Cuttack’s Bayalish Mauza and Chandgudi villages one each from Keonjhar, Bhadrak and Bhubaneswar. 
Irony of the fact is that the prime accused identified as Rajendra Behera of Village Gulamal was a well known criminal of the locality. Police had accused him in two murder cases but court acquitted him in both cases as police did not gather sufficient evidence against him.       

VSS medicals: massive cleaning drive by the locals

More than 1,500  volunteers from various social and mass organizations of Western Orissa took a massive cleaning drive at VSS medical college hospital premises on Sunday. The programme that starts from morning was continued till afternoon as the tireless volunteers engaged every nook and corner of the hospital to give a hygienic atmosphere to the patients. The volunteers also appealed the patients and attendants present in the hospital to keep their surrounding hygienic. Organizers said several people joined in the programme spontaneously. People hopeful that the event would give a good impact on the hospital authority. 
“In the preparatory meeting held couple of days ago, only 55 organizations have given their consent to participate in the cleaning drive. But during the physical work in the morning we found participation of more than 100 organizations. This shows how people are concern about the VSS Medical college hospital” senior member of ‘Utsaraga’ and convener of the programme Sudhir Pujari said.              
Sources said, Utsarga, the voluntary blood donor agency of Sambalpur had decided to organize a mega cleaning programme in VSS Medical College Hospital to create awareness among the local people as well as patients and attendants. A preparatory meeting was convened under the aegis of the blood donor organization couple of days ago where members and volunteers of more than 55 organizations took part and agreed to take part in the cleaning work.
“We took such a decision after we find no change in the attitude of the medical authority towards the cleanness of the hospital. Patients and attendants coming to the hospital are forced stay in an unhygienic condition. By taking such a mega cleaning drive, we want to create awareness among the people about the importance of a clean atmosphere in the Hospital”, Pujari said. 

On the other hand people have congratulated the organizers for taking such an innovative step to preserve the cleanliness of the hospital surrounding. “IT is really an innovative and unprecedented step and I personally congratulate the participants for their efforts. The spontaneous participation of people shows how they are concerned about the Hospital. I hope government would be seriously after this event on the sanitary of the hospital “, former parliamentarian Surendra Lath said. Several doctors and individuals present in the hospital expressed happiness over the work undertaken by the volunteers. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

tragic accident in Bargarh killed 8 persons of a Pradhan family

It is a gloomy atmosphere in the Dumerpali village of under Sohela police station of Bargarh district ever since the villagers came to know about the accident occurred in Saturday evening at near Tegnanala canal on NH 6 near Bargarh which took the lives of 8 females including 5 children who all native of the village. The accident was occurred after the Maruti van carrying them all got into the canal water and they died in the water because of suffocation. In a heart-braking environment villagers cremated the bodies on Sunday.
Police said, the lone survival of the accident, Lakyapati Pradhan was driving the van when the accident took place. He lost control over the vehicle after the one of the rear tire of the vehicle was busted. The deceased includes the wife, nice and daughters of Pradhan who also owned the Maruti van.
Police said, Pradhan’s wife Gitanjali was conceived once again after delivering 4 girl children. So in order to make routine medical check-up, Pradhan brought her wife to Bargah hospital. The couple was accompanied with their 4 daughters, two nieces and mother-in-law. While returning to their village, they went to Gopalpali village for sometime which was Pradhan’s in-law house.

“While returning to their native Dumerpali village after staying for sometime at Gopalpali, the tire of the vehicle was busted and the van fell down into the canal water. Since water was in full spate, they all died in suffocation. However with the help of locals, Lakyapati was the only victim who got survived in the accident”, SDPO (Bargarh) Bijay Kumar Dash said. 

Later in the late evening the dead bodies were fished out from the water and sent for autopsy. “We handed over the bodies to the family  after conducting autopsy”, SDPO Dash said. Police identified the deceased as Pinky (13) Rinky (7), chaiti (4) Khyamata (3) (all daughters of Pradhan), Puspa (9) Nilima (22) (niece of Pradhan) Gitanjali (38) (Wife) and Janhavi Pradhan (aunt-in-law of Pradhan).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shame: Students made of sex slur allegation on an University Teacher

Sambalpur University
Two girl students (names withhold) of Sambalpur University have brought allegation of sexual haressment against one of their teacher. Lodging a written complaint with the sexual harassment cell of the varsity, both have demanded appropriate action against the teacher.  However the teacher has denied such allegation expressing his ignorance about the fact.
According to the source, two girl students of PGDCA department were allotted accommodation in the hostel of newly created SUIIT’s hostel (Sambalpur University Institute information and technology) of and asked them to share with two other students of MSc ( computer science). But on the objection of the latter’s they shifted to another room after a stay of 4 days n the previous room as per the verbal order of the convener of the SUIIT Dr. SK Nayak.
The two alleged that accused Nayak took sexual advancement on them in the new room that was not properly furnished. They also made allegation that the professor entered the room in odd hours with out knocking the door and talked all non-sense, purposefully when either of them was alone in the room. They objected him when he started crossing every limit of modesty as a result of which he threatened them to vacate the room. “We have asked to vacate the room on 30th of the September and since then we are getting threatening constantly from him. We finally decided to lodge complaint against the teacher after he made our living horrible in these days”, victimized students said while talking to the media persons on Friday.   
The sexual harassment committee of the university has decided to probe the issue after receiving the complaint of two female students. “We hold an emergent meeting of the committee today after-noon soon after receiving the complaint from the victim students. We will probe the issue and take appropriate step if we found truth on the allegation”, registrar of the Sambalpur University SS Rath said on Friday.  On the other hand the professor SK Nayak rubbishing the allegation said “it is fabricated and baseless”
It may be informed sexual slur against teachers is not new in the University. In past also such allegations were made by the students of the university where at least two professors lost their jobs during 2000 and in 2004.        

Mega-cleaning programme on 31st October in VSSM&C

VSS medical hospital 

The leading blood donor agency of Sambalpur town ‘Utsarga’ has decided to organize mass cleaning programme in VSS Medical College hospital on 31st Oct to create awareness among the people of the locality.   Members of more than 50 social and mass organizations of the region have given their consent to take part in the cleaning programme.
“We have taken such a decision because we feel there is a need of educating the people coming to the hospital. Unless common people are aware up, government agency alone can not run the thing properly.”, convener of the programme and senior member of Utsarga Sudhir Pujari said.
According to him, a preparatory meeting of the programme was already conducted by the organization where more than 50 organizations of the region had participated and agreed to take part in the programme. The programme is scheduled to be start from morning and will continue till each part of the hospital is not cleaned properly. “We are expecting participation of more than 1000 volunteers in the mega cleaning programme”, Pujari added.   

In broad day light two incidents of robbery occurred in Sambalpur and Jharsuguda

In a sensational bank robbery, miscreants decamped with about 8 lakhs cash on gun point from State Bank of India, Kirmira branch in Jharsuguda district on Thursday.  The miscreants fled away in the same bikes after they successful their mission .Police rushed to the bank but unable to trace the miscreants.   Kirmira is located about 100 away from here, is a well known place in the locality and the local branch of SBI becomes quite helpful for the people residing in the village. The incident panicked the people including the official of the bank.   
“We are in the job to trace out the accused persons. I have personally visited the spot and review the situation soon i received the information. I have instructed my officers  to keep close watch on the situation. We are sure miscreants might not have gone far away because of the immediate police action”, SP (Jharsuguda) Kavita Jalan said.  According to her, miscreants were in helmets when they entered the bank and did not give any scope to the bank officials to identify them. According to her, after through calculation, it was found that the miscreants have taken about Rs.8 lakhs from the bank. “It was around Rs. 8 lakhs and few thousands taken away by the miscreants. We have also seized a motor cycle and a bag left by the miscreants”, SP Jalan said.   
Sources said, the branch located in heart of Kirmira was opened on Thursday morning as usual. Bank staffs were ready to serve the customers coming into the bank for various transactions. Around 11 am, 4 miscreants putting helmets on, barged in to the bank with lethal weapons. They came with two motor cycles. They attacked the guard when he requested them to put off the helmets before entering the bank. 
“Since it was a rural branch, we manage the branch with fewer staff. After attacking the guard, the miscreants appeared inside the branch and threatened us to keep quite waving guns in their hands.  they snatched the money from the cashier. Later they fled away in the same motor cycles after locking us in a room”, a staff of the bank said.
On the other hand the officials of Kirmira police station, located in nearly place rushed to the spot soon after getting the information. The police officials tried to search on various possible routes that might have used by the miscreants, but failed to trace them. 
It may be informed that last year, miscreants looted another branch if SBI in the similar way in Mahulpali of Sambalpur district, which still remained untraced. Police suspected a link with the previous incident. “Though we are not sure but we suspected a link between the two”, a police officer said. 

Robbery in Jewelry shop in Burla town created panic: one held

on the same day another incident occurred in Burla town. Miscreants looted a jewelry shop on gun point in broad day light and decamped with gold ornaments worth of more than two lakhs.  The owner of the shop sustained injuries after miscreants attacked him on his protest. Police rushed to the spot and swam into action deploying forensic experts and sniffing dog.  Police arrested one member of the gang who was caught by the  staff jewelry shop as he could not go because his bike did not start in time.  After taking him  into custody, police expected to solve the case soon after 
Police sources said, 6 persons including two ladies came to the Burla based Shivani jewelry shop in three motor bikes. They intended to purchase some jewelry from the shop. Putting gun on the head of the owner, miscreants ordered him to bring all costly jewelry of the shop. “When I refused a tried to get rid from them, of accused attacked me with a sharp weapon. Then they took   the costly ornaments and fled away in their motor bikes. But one of them could not go because of the trouble of his bike that was caught by my staff with the help of local people”, owner of Shivani Jewelry Durga Prasad Sahu said.
“A case has been registered with Burla police basing on the complaint of the shop owner and begun the investigation. We have arrested the accused caught by the locals. we will interrogate him to know the detain”, a senior inspector of police said. 
Later police conducted raids on several places and arrested few others of the group, but failed to recover the jewelry...            

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New railway projects will change state scenery

DRM adressing in the  press meet
The survey work of the new proposed railway line between Talcher-Phulbani-Lanjigarh is presently under progress which will open a new avenue in the railway map of the state, once the project gets sanctioned by the railway department.  This was disclosed by the DRM of the Sambalpur division AV Shiva Prasad while he was talking with the media on Wednesday at Sambalpur. The DRM informed that this railway line will pass through Boudh and Phulbani districts which are not yet connected with rail. “With a distance of 230 km, the proposed railway line will be shortest route between South and central Orissa”, DRM Prasad said. According to him, the survey work of few other projects is under presently under progress which includes Junagarh-Amaguda (145km), Bolangir-Nuwapara (100 km) and Junagarh-Jaypore-Malkangir-Bhadrachalam (390 km).  “The scenery of the state will definitely change after the sanction of these railway projects”, DRM envisaged                                     
The DRM informed that the construction work of Rs. 700 crores estimated Khurda-Bolangir (289 Km) rail project is under speedy progress and is expected to complete with in two years. The department has sanctioned Rs.120 crores to be spent during 2010-11 financial year. The other two projects namely Lanjigarh-Junagarh and Lanjigarh-Bhawanipatna are also under speedy progress and latter one is expected to be commissioned by the end of this year.
The Divisional Railway manager (DRM) Prasad also informed that the doubling work of Sasan-Jharsuguda, Sambalpur-Talcher and Sambalpur-Titilagarh is under progress which is expected to be completed with in two years. “Running Frequency of trains will be increased once the doubling works is over”, he said.   The DRM added that the division has taken keen interest on the improvement of passengers’ amenity that is available in the division. He informed that the division has received 14.7% increase in originating passenger earning during first six month during 2010-11 financial year as compared to corresponding period of last year. However there is a decrease in originating freight earning this year as the rate of food grain, cement and Steel item was gone down.  In the press meet all senior officers including ADRM Jyotindra Digi were present.  

Administration will introduce e-banking system to make paddy payment

District administration of Sambalpur has decided to introduce E-banking or net banking facilities while making payment to the farmers during paddy procurement in the current season.  Administration believes the payment of paddy price would be easier and faster through this innovative system. To avail the facility, farmers are advised to give their banking accounts detail to the concern officials at market yard while selling their produce. The collector (Sambalpur) Hemant Kumar Dash said that money will be placed in the bank account of the respective farmers with in 24 hours of the selling.
“To make transparency in the payment of minimum support price (MSP) to the farmers we decided to avail the net banking facility from the current paddy procurement session which will begin from 15th of the month. Government has fixed a target 3.75 lakhs MT of paddy to be collected from Sambalpur district.  But the target is flexible looking to the availability of the paddy in the district.” the collector (Sambalpur) HK Dash said while talking to TOI on Tuesday.
Sources said, Sambalpur district has identified 47 centers that include societies and market yards, which will be utilized to collect paddy from the farmers. “Since selling of paddy will be done at the market yards and societies, farmers are advised not to take paddy to the rice-mills directly. I have instructed my officers to ensure that farmers should get proper price of their produces”, Dash said.
On the other hand the collector has assured to improve the infrastructure available in the market yards to make the paddy selling smoother and easier. “I have requested the civil supply minister Sarada Prasanna Nayak during his visit to Sambalpur to improve the infrastructures available in the markets yards. We hoped government will take immediate step to do the needful”, Collector said. However he agreed that more than 50 % of crop has been damaged in various places of the district due to low rainfall and unseasonal rain.  

New police station inaugurated at Khetrajpur

DIG RP Koche inaugurated the PS
Sambalpur gets a new police station in the town following the inauguration of much-awaited Khetrajpur PS on Wednesday. While inaugurating the new police station at Khetrajpur, the business centre of the town, DIG (NR) RP Koche hoped the new police station would cater the demand and aspiration of the people of this part. He also appealed the police personnel to secure the faith of the people.  “There is a high hope of the people on the police administration, so don’t let down their hopes”, DIG Koche said. 
senior police officers of the district 
In the inaugural function, collector HK Dash, chairperson of Sambalpur Municipality Reena Trivedi and SP (Sambalpur) Asheet Panigrahi were prominent among others who spoke on this occasion.  The inspector of the new police station Sanjib Satapathy congratulated the people and requested the people to extend their cooperation to convert it as a model police station. it may be informed that Sambalpur town has already 3 police stations namely Town, Dhanupali and Ainthapali. Khetrajpur becomes the fourth PS of the town. while Additional SP Gopal Sahu gave the inaugural address, SDPO (Sambalpur) DK Deo proposed votes of thanks. People of all walks of life attended the maiden function of the Khetrajpur police station. 

unseasonal rain caused heavy paddy damage

unseasonal rainfall   that occurred couple of days back in various places of western Orissa has caused heavy crop damages to the farmer community. Paddy which was ready for harvest has been damaged due to rainfall. Vegetable farmers have also sustained huge loss due to the rainfall. They feel unless government provides compensation to them, it would become difficult for them for survival as the damage has broken their back bones.
“The untimely rainfall has broken our back bones as the rain has complete destroy our crops and vegetable.  Unless the government takes the matter seriously and provides compensation, it becomes difficult for us to continue cultivation”, eminent farmer Ramsagar Sahu of Sindurpank village of Sambalpur district said.
Sources said, many places of western Orissa experienced heavy blow of wind and hailstorm followed by incessant rainfall for about 2 hours on Friday evening.  Many part of the region remained under darkness for more than 7 hours because of the power failure. The rainfall was so heavy which measures   82 mm in Sambalpur.
“We have never expected such heavy rain during ‘Dusshera’ which is considered as the harvesting session. This year nature did not support us during rainy season but it rains when we were not prepared for it”, Sahu added.
The farmers association on the other hand asked the government to take the matter seriously as the rainfall occurred at a time when the harvesting was about take place. “Paddy was ready for harvesting. So the volume of damage becomes high. So taking the matter seriously government should back the farmers”, Ashok Pradhan, the farmers leader said.   

Industry officer caught in vigilance net at Jharsuguda Railway station

Senior government officer industry department was forwarded to the judicial custody on Tuesday by the Vigilance police after a team had caught him red handed on the previous evening at Jharsuguda railway station while he was accepting bribe of Rs.10, 000/- from an entrepreneur to clear loan file . Vigilance sources said, the officer, identified as Netrananda Dandapat was presently posted as the assistance manager of DIC in Jharsuguda district had demanded a bribe of Rs.50 thousand from Sabil Ahamed of Brajarajnagar who had applied for a loan to set up his garment manufacturing unit at his home town. The accused officer was also threatened to drop the loan file incase he (Sabil) failed to oblige with the illegal gratification. Sabil agreed to give Rs.10 thousand as advance and rest amount after receiving the loan after the threatening of the officer.
“We drew a plan to trap the officer when Sabil contacted us and disclosed the fact. As per the direction of our SP (Vigilance) AK Sahu, we proceeded to Jharsuguda on Monday evening and waited for right the moment to trap the accused”, vigilance inspector Prabir Tripathy said while talking to this correspondent on Tuesday.  
According to him, accused Dandapat asked the complainant to come to Jharsuguda railway station to give the money as he was going to Bamra, his native village. Later he was caught by the vigilance team when he was accepting the bribe money from the complainant at Jharsuguda railway station. Vigilance sources revealed that the same officer was earlier had also arrested in a bribery case in 2007 which is sub-judiced in the court of law.  The vigilance team conducted raids on his official house at Jharsuguda and native house at Bamra (in Sambalpur district) after the trap but the investigating police refused to divulge any thing detail about the raid. “Since the raid continues till Tuesday morning, we have not yet estimated it. So right now we are unable to give detail about it”, inspector Tripathy said.

illegal couple committed suicide fearing social blame

Result of an illicit relationship always becomes fatal but knowing well people indulge in it but such love story has a tragic end. This was exactly the story of such two married persons in Bargarh district who ended their lives consuming poisons. When locals recovered them in a critical condition it was too late who died on the way to hospital on Saturday last. police suspected that they committed suicide fearing the society after their affairs became public. The two identified as Sukanti Suna (40) and Sanjib Suna (32) of Sarangpur village under Bargarh’s Melchhamunda police station limits were married persons and they were Dewar and Bhabi in relations.But such relation hardly matters for them as they attracted each others which subsequently turned into physical.  Police recovered the dead bodies and registered unnatural death case.
Police sources said, Sukanti, mother of 4 was married to Prahallad Suna of Sarangpur and was residing with her husband and children in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Prahallad was working as daily wager to earn his livelihood. On the other hand, Sanjib was also staying at Raipur by running a roadside hotel.  Since they native of same village, socially they connected to each others. The visit of Sanjib to Prahallad's house frequented after they developed physically.  
“When Prahallad came to know about it, he informed his father-in-law Lala Bag, residing at Katapali village of Melchhamunda police station and asked him to come to Raipur to settle the matter. But before Bag’s arrival, both Sukanti and Sanjib eloped to Katapali and committed suicide by consuming poison”, a police of Melchhamunda PS said.  “we have handed over the bodies to their relation after conducting autopsy”, he said.      

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man robbed in broad day light in Sambalpur: two held

file photo
In broad day light, 2 miscreants looted  a person near gaiety road located heart of the town and decamped with Rs.3 lakhs after snatching his handbag on Wednesday afternoon. The incident occurred when the victim identified as Ashok Sen, an employee of Jai Ambe enterprises was returning to his shop after drawing the amount from a local bank, on his way two miscreants appeared in a motor bike (Pulsar) and disappeared after snatching the money bag from him.

On the other hand police chasing the miscreants soon after getting the information, nabbed the accused person near Thelkolei on Sambalpur-Jharsuguda express road, 35 km away from the town, but failed to recover the money. “We are happy that we could nab the accused persons chasing behind them. But we failed to recover the money. We suspect involvement of few other persons in the gang who might have taken the money from the accused persons on the way”, SDPO (Sambalpur) Dilip Kumar Deo said.
“However we hope to recover the money as interrogation is on to ascertain other members of the gang. At present we do not want to disclose the names of the accused persons”, he added. 
It may be informed that snatching of money bags from innocent people coming from bank after withdrawal of money, becomes regular in the town over the past few months. Police have failed to nab the miscreants in earlier cases. But with the arrest of two miscreants, police are hopeful to bust gang involve in the racket. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gather full-proved evidence to punish the culprits: Anup's friends suggest the police

Office of Sambalpur SP was crowded by the friends and colleagues of Anup Babu on Tuesday afternoon as every one was anxious to know the out come of the police investigation in the murder case. They   rushed to the office to see the criminals involved in the incident as soon as the information of press meet by SP was circulated in the town. They suggested the police to gather proper and full proved evidence against the accused persons so that they would not acquit in the court of law.
Late Anup Babu
“They have no right to live and they should be hanged as soon as possible for the crime they committed by killing a selfless person of the town. We request the police to gather full proved evidences against the accused persons so that they would be punished in the court of law. We will also request the lawyers of Sambalpur to help the prosecution in punishing the accused persons”, a friend of deceased Anup Babu said.
They congratulated the police for solving the case of Anup babu, a day before his ritual function scheduled to be held on Wednesday. “We are thankful to the police to arrest the accused person a day before his last ritual function and we hope his sole may rest in the heaven after the arrest of the accused persons who killed him brutally for money”, another friend said.  
 It may be mentioned here that the eminent social workers contractor Anup Babu (47) was hacked in the night of 7th October behind the Jyoti Bhawan (missionary ladies hostel) near Kureotola under Dhanupali police station limits of Sambalpur town.  Since the spot was isolated and closed to the National high way, assailants left the place before police could nab them.  Police recovered a blood-stain axe and vehicle (Scooty) of the deceased from the spot.
friends paid tribute   

Source said deceased Anup Babu was a famous personality of Sambalpur who was associated with various social and cultural associations. He was recipient of governor’s award for donating blood for maximum occasions (more than 100 times). Babu was married and left behind his widow and his 2 years daughter. He was having 2 unmarried sisters and 3 brothers who reside with him. The marriage of two of his sisters was scheduled to be held in coming November for which he wanted his money back from the accused person which he invested in the real estate trade along with the prime accused Sanjay Ghose.  His last ritual function (shradha) is scheduled to be held on Wednesday (20th October) at Budharaja. 

Anup Babu was victimized by land mafias: 'real estate' investment was in the backdrop : Sambalpur SP

Sanjay Ghose in the middle
The shadow in the much hyped mysterious killing of Anup Babu was uncovered after the arrest of dreaded land mafia Sanjay Ghose who was masterminded in his brutal killing. Anup, an eminent social activist and super class  contractor of Sambalpur was hacked on 7th of this month at Sakhipara area. Disclosing before the media persons on Tuesday, SP (Sambalpur) Asheet Panigrahi revealed that before coming in contact with the deceased, accused Sanjay had duped many persons in various places in the name of real estate. Sanjay, a native of Kuchilakanta village under Mayurbhanj’s Betanati police station limits and a diploma holder in mig-aeronautic had started real estate trade in Sambalpur involving deceased and others, where deceased had invested more than Rs. 1.5 crores. When deceased wanted his money back, the prime accused decided to eliminate him from the scene and hatched a plan. The police arrested 7 accused persons including the mastermind Sanjay Ghose out of the total 9 killers involved in the incident. Police also seized the ‘axe’ used in the killing. Sanjay hired 4 criminals from Boudh district to executive his plan. Two were already arrested and identified as Prakash Nayak and Lankeswar Pradhan who confessed every thing before the police. The other accused persons identified as Sashikanta Senapati, Satyendra thankur, Padu @Pandab Rout and Rohit Pradhan of Sambalpur town were arrested by the police from Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts.  Accused Satyendra’s barber shop at Church chock of the town was the meeting place of the accused persons, police SP informed.    
 late Anup Babu
“Anup Babu had invested about Rs.1.5 crores in the real estate trade that was carried out by Sanjay Ghose, mortgaging his residential house located at Sahajog Nagar of Sambalpur and taking hand loan from friends. Accused Sashikanta Senapati was brain behind Sanjay. When Anup did not get any thing in return, he wanted his money back as the marriage of his two sisters was scheduled to be held in coming November.   He had also threatened Sanjay to drag him to police station to realize the money in case he did not get his money in time. So Sanjay hatched a plan to eliminate him by involving hired criminals”, SP (Sambalpur) Asheet Panigrahi said.
According to him, Sanjay had duped many people in the name of real estate and swindled crores of rupees but as there was no official record of transaction of money people remained silent over it. “Accused Sanjay was quite articulate in his talk and easily traps people to invest money in the real estate. But he always tries to take money in cash to avoid any further litigation,” SP added.  
Police investigation revealed that the accused informed the deceased on the morning of the 7th October over phone that he wanted to back his money as he does not want to keep enmity with him and asked him to wait for his next call. In the evening he again called him over his cell phone and invited him to a secluded place near Sakhipara (behind the Jyoti Bhawan (missionary ladies hostel). When Anup Babu came with his scooty, on the way one of Sanjay’s aides Sashikanta Senapati sat behind the scooty to escort him to the spot.  “As per plan, every one including the 4 hire criminals were attacked him with axe as soon as Anup reached to the spot with out giving him a slightest moment to resist”, SP said. Sambalpur SP said that the accused persons had left a latter at the spot addressed to Anup where they mentioned his dispute regarding a contract work as the consequence of the incident. ‘but it was just to misguide us”, he said. He congratulated his subordinate officers for the achievement which was possible only because of the sincere and hard works of the these officers who include ASP Gopal Tripathy, Inspector Sanjiv Satpathy, inspector SK Mohapatra, and Sub-inspector Akash Sahu and Gopal Sahu.
Answering the question of media persons the SP revealed that the accused Sanjay was married to one lady identified as Elizabeth Ekka who presently works in AIR Sambalpur. The SP also admitted he has a keep working as lady police constable in Sambalpur. “We did not find their involvement in the incident, but our investigation is open and we will not spare any one found to be involved in the incident”, SP said.
He also appealed the people come forward to lodge complaint against the accused in case in case they have been duped by the accused in any given point of time. He has assured to keep secrecy of such complaint.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Polio camp turned disaster after death of two patients

A patient admitted in nursing home
 In sensational development two polio patients that were undergone surgical operation in the mega ‘polio-correction camp’ held in Sambalpur died in a private nursing home here on Tuesday morning. While one patient was declared brought dead, another was succumbed in the morning.  Nursing home sources said, the patients were having multiple cerebral problems due to polio and before going for surgical operation, the doctors should have confirmed their physical condition by conducting several tests. Since provision of several tests was not available in the camp, such patients should not have admitted in the camp.
Meanwhile Organizers of the camp have allegedly shifted the dead bodied of the deceased identified as Santoshini Sahu (14) of Bolangir’s Bandopara and Rupesh Koel (1 year 2 months) of Bargarh’s Jharbandh   to their respective villages to avoid further litigation. 
happy patients returned homes

“At least three patients that were under gone operation in the camp were brought to my nursing home in the late hours of Monday night. While one was received dead, another two were in critical conditions. One died in the morning. But the condition of the other one has been stable. Third patient Sarat Kalo ( 7 months) is now all right and out of danger”, the proprietor of the private Nursing Home, AK Singhal Said.
According to him, in such a mega surgical camp, provisions of eco-cardiogram, CT scan and other medical tests are not available to measure the physical condition of the patients. So organizers and doctors should avoid such patients having cerebral problems. 

Sources said, a polio corrective surgical camp was organized in Sambalpur’s Agrasen Dharmasala on Saturday and Sunday by the marwadi Yuba Manch in support with from Biswa (NGO), and district administration. The famous orthopedic surgeon Adi Narayan Rao of Visakhapatnam had conducted the operation. About four hundreds patients from various districts of western Orissa and neighbouring Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand had participated in the camp. After screening and test, the doctors selected about 186 patients for operation which includes major operation on 93 patients.
Meanwhile the jubilant members of the Yuba Manch have been tightlipped after this incident. They do not want to divulge any thing about the incident. Some of the members have even switched their cells off to keep them away from the incident.  “I am not in a position to tell any thing about the incident. We are enquiring the issue to know how it happened.” the PRO of the Yuba Manch Suresh Poddar said.
On the other hand, police have not yet registered any case in this matter in the absent of any complaint from the deceased parents. “We have not yet registered any case in the issue as there is no complaint with us. We can not take up the matter unless there is any complaint”, SDPO (Sambalpur)  D K Deo said

came saw and satisfied but problems remain as it was !

Children of a town based school wished the visit of the school and mass education minister to their school on a regular basis. Reason: they would get good and qualitative food. The children made the wish after they get qualitative food on Monday as the mass education minister Pratap Jena visited their school and opened a school building under DPEP.    
 minister is tasting MDM in Sambalpur
During his visit to Sambalpur on Monday, the school and mass education minister Pratap Jena tested the food prepared for the school children under MDM programme in a school located in town’s Motijharan area and appreciated the quality of the food. But he was perhaps unaware that the food that was prepared on Monday was quite different from the food serve to the children regularly.
“We get rice and dal every day. But today was special one. There was vegetable in the Dal and it was tasty. Every day we get Dal that was fool of water. So we wish minister would visit on a regular basis so that we will able to get good and qualitative food”, a student of Veer Surendra Sai UGME school located at Motijharan area said.
“The students wanted to request the minister about their wish, but they could do so because fear to their teachers. We have been asked to not to move from the seats and to keep quit until the minister leaves the school campus. So we could not speak to the minister” another student of the school said.
On the other hand, the minister visited few schools of the district and engaged in inaugurating few school buildings under DPEP programme. He also expressed satisfaction over quality of education imparted in the schools. The minister also visited the Training school where he inaugurated the advance teacher’s training centre (digital equalizer programme) that has been developed by the mass education department with the technical support from American India Foundation (AIF).
“He came and visited the district. But the real problem of the district was remained unattained. Neither the minister enquired about the situation, nor any one raised the issue before him”, a retied teacher said. According to him, the primary education of the district has been totally in distress as there is serious shortage of teachers in several schools located in the rural areas. There are schools in the district which run with only one teacher.
Sources said, Sambalpur revenue district is comprised of 3 education districts namely Sambalpur, Rairakhol and Kuchinda. Reports say the teacher student ratio is quite high in urban area it is drastically low in rural area. There are as many as 156 schools in the district where the school is running with a single teacher.

Burla medicals: students and patients are the worst sufferers

( front view of VSS Medical College)
Imagine a premier medical college of the state does not have a ladies common room or a toilet in the college premises. What would happen when the only toilet that is meant for male students remains in an unhygienic condition? This is exactly the situation in VSS Medical College of Burla which is considered one of the important medical institutions of the state where half of students are female. Located on the bank of river Mahanadi near famous Hirakud dam, the medical college is only institute of this kind in entire western Orissa where patients from neighboring Chhattisgarh have also come to for treatment in the College hospital.  
Named after famous warier of the region, Veer Surrendra Sai, institution has been established in the year 1959 with a vision to serve the people of the region. But the apathetic attitude of the government coupled with the lack of political will-power of the local representatives, the institution still struggles for its existence even after 50 years of its establishment. The present strength of the institution is more than 1000 which include under graduate, post graduates and house surgeons.   
 The institution has two parts. While the college is one side of the main road that leads to Burla town, Hospital is just opposite side of the college. But sanitation is now the biggest ever problem faced by the institution. Although government claims to have spent crore of rupees on waste management and sanitation, the result becomes a big zero which is visible from the condition of the college and hospital. Though hospital authority claims there is sufficient beds for the patients in each and every wards, patients can be seen lying on the floor round the year.  There is also provision of supply bed sheets and mosquito nets to the patients but patients are hardly provided with such items. “We have sufficient quantity of mosquito nets and beddings, but we supply it only when we get a requisition from the concern ward”, hospital manager of the VSS medical college and hospital K Mahanta Said.    
On the other hand the undergraduate students who studying in the institute since last 3 to 4 years revealed that the college library is one of the best, equipped with latest journals and medical books, but they face difficulty because of the air conditioner has been defunct since a long time and the authority takes no step to get it repaired. More over, the library got a Xerox machine and few computers but Xerox is defective one and computers are not connected with internet. “We feel cut off from the outer world with out internet. But our authority does not feel the importance of the net”, a student said. According to him, they have their own arrangement to get connected with the outer world. They also made allegation of regular power cut in the campus area which disturb their study.  
While talking with TOI the students of the medical college raised the point of security of the students as well as patients and doctors. “There is no proper boundary wall for the hostel. We do not feel secured inside the hostels as there is no security arrangement by the government. Domestic animals and stray dogs rule over the entire area. Anti-social elements become a constraint threat for us. In past few doctors have been attacked by such elements. But surprisingly there is no proper security arrangement has been made by the government” another students said.
Medical college's hospital 
Meanwhile, shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff has put barrier in the supply of proper heath services in the hospital. Many important machines remain halt as there are no trained persons to handle these equipments. In some wards machine is functional, but doctors is not available for treatment. “We are trying to improve the situation. But fund becomes a major huddle for us. The dean has no power to purchase any thing. Every thing has been controlled by the government. Equipments are being purchased by the government with out verifying its requirement”, a senior professor of the college said.
On the other hand the citizens and intellectuals of the region expressed concern for the present condition of the medical college and hospital. According to them government do not take step to give autonomous status to the college. “We want autonomous in all fields including finance, administration and academic”, Activist and Lawyer Govind Narayan Agrawal said. According to him, in most of the time, representatives of west Orissa are become the health minister, but they all miserably fail to get a meaningful solution to convert it an autonomous institution by bringing a resolution in the floor of assembly

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

swine flu makes havoc in western Orissa

lawyers continue their agitation demanding high court bench

 The functioning of the courts and revenues offices including office of collector and RDC in Sambalpur was completely disrupted because of the picketing of the lawyers in protest against government apathy in establishment of the high court bench.  The lawyers assembled at Kachery chock in the morning and obstructed the judicial magistrates to enter into the courts.
“Judicial magistrates including the district judge did not enter the court premises because of the obstruction of the agitating lawyers. They also obstructed the revenue officials and did not allow them to enter their respective offices”, a senior police officer of the district said.
According to him the agitation of lawyers was peaceful and there was no report of untoward incidents. However common people faced difficulties as the office of RDC, collector, Sub-collector and Tahasil were closed down by the lawyers. “We have decided to obstruct the judicial magistrates and revenue officials on Monday also. But on Tuesday it will be a cease- work agitation. We will continue this agitation on last 3 working days of every month till the establishment of high court bench in western odisha”, general Secretary of the Sambalpur district bar Dilip Bishi said.
On the other hand Saturday being the ‘grievance day’ of the collector, many people came to collector office to put forth their grievances but due to agitation the office of collector was closed down which forced them to go back.  On Monday also offices were closed down with similar protest by the lawyers.                    

debt-ridden lady farmers kills herself setting fire

A female farmer immolated herself pouring kerosene on Thursday in her Faslabahal village under Jamenkira police station of the district. She is identified as Saudamini Naik who took over family cultivation ever since the death of her husband 15 years ago. She was cultivating about 15 acres of land taking loan from a cooperative society located in Fasimal.  The locals said she was worried because of the failure of the crop this year as she was unable to repay the loan. However police have not yet confirmed whether it was an accidental or suicide.
“We have to confirm it whether it was a suicide or an accident. Since she was an able farmer of the village having a strong mentality, she could not take such a step to kill her self even if crop was failed this year, the SDPO (Kuchinda) RG Panigrahi said.  According to him police have not registered a case as the villager performed the last ritual of the lady before police could get the information.
Sources said, deceased Saudamini Naik (55) was taking care of the family ever since her husband died 15 years ago. She took over the family cultivation to run the family smoothly. She also performed the marriage of her 3 daughters and gave good education to her only son.
We know her as a very strong lady. She took over the entire work of her husband and performed every responsibility with out fail after the death of her husband. She performed the marriage of her 3 daughters in good places. But crop-loss might have broken her backbone as she was worried not to repay her loan.”, a villager of Falsabahal said.  
Sources said, she came back to her house in the noon after visiting her field. She was totally upset after seeing her field as crop was totally damage because of poor rain fall. She poured kerosene and lit her body. She was rescued by the villager but it was all over she was completely burnt. The villagers cremated the charred body with out waiting police. “We informed the police but as police could not reach in time” a villager said.            

Activists to protest in case government allows Vedanta for mining in Gandhamardhan

The former parliamentarian and leader of the Balco movement Bhawani Sankar Hota has warned the government to refrain from thinking of mining of Bauxite in Gandhamardhan hill as people are already joined for yet another fight to save the forest range as it provides them bread and butter. While speaking to the press, Hota said that the Gandhamardan is full of herbal and medicinal plants and mining will definitely destroy the flora and fauna of the mountain range.  Thousands of people especially the tribal of the region will be uprooted from their livelihood in case of mining as they earn their livelihood from the forest.
“We do not oppose industrialization, but not at the cost of the tribal people and at the cost of the destruction. If at all government wants to improve the area, than eco-tourism and herbal medicine plant will be better for the development of the area”, Hota asserted. He demanded rejection of the applications of the companies that are interested for the mining in Gandhamardhan.  “Government should declare the area as ‘mining free zone’ to save the environment of the area which is considered a pious place as it bears faith and believes of the lakhs of Indian” another activist swami Sombesh said

on the other hand, eminent social activists and environmentalist Prafulla Samantara believes that BALCO movement that saved Gandhamardhan in 1980s is considered as mother of all movements that have taken place in the country against industrialization, "so how can we tolerate if any one puts eye on it once again. The protest will be vigorous and massive if by any point of time government thinks to allow Gandhamardhan to Vedanta for mining. How can we allow any one to rob our mother? We will fight to save our mother”, Prafulla Samantara said on the possibility of allowing Vedanta for mining in Gandhamardhan. 
According to him Gandhamardhan has uncountable herbal and medicinal plant which are rarely available else where in the country. “We should be proud for the nature for giving such huge area of resources, but instead of utilizing the resources if government wants to destroy we are already to fight to save it” Samantara said.
While talking to TOI in Sambalpur on Sunday at Sambalpur, he expressed concern over the state government’s industrial policy which definitely convent the state into a desert. “Industrialization is needed but not at the cost of people”, he said.
Lok Mukti Abhijan chief Prafulla Samantara said that government should direct the Vedanta to close its refinery at Lanjigarh after central government accepted the Saxena report on Niyamgiri which disallowed mining in Niyamgiri hill. “Any mining or industry with in 50 km radius will definitely put a negative effect on the environment of Niyamgiri hill.” He said.
According to him, state government is desperate to hand over many such area including Panchamali (Kasipur) Bafilimali and Kodingamali (Koraput) to the industrial houses for mining with out considering the fate of the people. “Several water sources that are coming from these places will be dried out one mining will be started. So we warned the government to refrain from uprooting the innocent people from their living”, he said.  

separate statehood may not solve the problems of western Orissa

Demand may crop up in the mind of the people to go apart from Orissa but  ‘Separate state hood’ is not at all a solution for western-Orissa. Injustice and apathy of the state government on the people of western Orissa may exist ever since the inception of the state but it can be resolved through agitation and putting pressure on the government through an active civil society. But such problems can not be solved through demanding a separate state with the same political system and same political leaders. 
This was the gist of the meeting organized by the news paper weekly ‘Bishesh Khabar’ concluded  in Sambalpur where eminent individuals and scholars delivered their opinions. Presiding over the programme titled “how to eliminate discontentment of the people of Western Orissa”, the former MP and editor of the news weekly Kharavela Swain said regional imbalance and poverty exist in Western Orissa because of poor and far-sightless political leaders of the state as well as negligent attitude of the subsequent state governments. “ A state can not go ahead in case a part it is remains neglected for years. it is the duty of the government to focus such area on priority basis. But unfortunately in Orissa such thing was not happened ”, Swain asserted.
Speaking on the occasion, the editor of ‘the Sambad’ Saumya Ranjan Patnaik said political condition of a particular region would determine its development as government machinery becomes active in that area. “If there is any discontentment it should be reflected in the general election”, Patnaik said. Patnik reiterated that discontentment of the people of the area was never reflected in the general election.     
On the other hand the eminent educationist Nayaran Pruseth said  discontentment of the people of western Orissa is the result of constant negligent attitude of the state government ever since Orissa emerged a new state on the basis of language in 1936. According to him the fate of the people of the less or under development region is determined with the far-sight and attitude of the political leaders . “But unfortunately it was not happened in the case of Orissa. Poverty and hunger exists in western part even after 70 years of formation of the state” Pruseth said. “By setting up few industries in Sundergarh and Jharsuguda and Sambalpur areas, if you say western Orissa is developing than you are totally wrong” he asserted.
But president of the Kosal Kranti Dal (KKD) Pramod Mishra disagreeing with euch opinions,said separate state for western Orissa is the only alternative as people of the region would never get justice in the present set up. "western part of the state has been neglected in each and every field. where it is education or health or in the field of road communication and other facilities, the region is always remained in the bellow of the list of priority", Mishra said.  Former administrator DK Mishra and Senior scribe Shiba Nanda were present on this occasion as guests.
On the other hand, many eminent citizens and individuals who participated in the deliberation put   stress on the need of strong political will-power in the local leadership and a strong civil society as a pressure group for the solution of the present problems of the Western Orissa.

the editor of the 'Sambad' daily Saumya Ranjan Patnaik admiited that he is a  business man  as he runs a paper industry in the state. while answaring question of some of the lawyers Patnaik confassed that he is not doing any social work by selling a mews paper in Rs.2 /-. News paper is an industry and like other industry we are doing business. Do'nt say i am doing social work. Still we are happy that we are doing some thing for the society. He said this responding the query of some lawyers  regarding the news of western Orissa that are not placed in state editions. 

Long live tree : my brother

Hundreds of female including college students have created a brotherly-bond with trees after they tie Rakhi with trees located in the Budharaja reserve forest on Monday. They also took oath to protect the trees like their own brothers. It was a part of the activities under taken by the Budharaja Jangal Surakhya samiti that works for the conservation of the Budharaja forest.
‘This is perhaps the best opportunity to create awareness among the people about the conservation of forest and protection of trees. We are fighting for the conservation of the Budharaja forest for a long time but this idea of tying ‘rakhi’ on the trees came only in the year 2008. The response becomes over whelming. This year many people including youngsters and college students have taken part in the function and they have also promised to protect the trees” eminent environmentalist Rushi Patra told
On the eve of ‘Rakhi Purnami’, the samiti organized a festival at Budharaja forest range where females and college girls have taken part spontaneously. “They also tied rakhi on the trees. After tying Rakhi, I develop a sisterly relation with trees. So I promised to protect the trees till my last breathe”, a 20 years old girl Sangita said.
Eminent citizens including former vice-chancellor of Berhampur University Prof AP Padhi and former administrator Raghunath Mishra who present on this occasion have appreciated the members of the Jangal Surakhya samiti for such a noble work to protect the forest. “It is really a noble work and idea behind this is also equally noble. I congratulate organizers and members of the Samiti for under taking this work. I am hopeful people of other parts also fellow this idea to protect their forest”, Prof AP Padhi said.
Sources said, the Budharaja hillock is located in the heart of the Sambalpur town which comprises of about 126 hectors of forest land. The forest which bears the credit of witnessing many important event of the heroic act of Veer Surendra Sai, the eminent freedom fighter of the country has converted into a barren land during 1980s and 1990s because of the constant attack of timber mafias. the ruining condition of the temple and a trench located on the hill-top which bears the memory of great fighter,      has caused wariness among the locals who took a decision to form a committee to restore the past glory of the forest.
 “Over the past 20/21 years we have again converted the forest into a total green. Now it is become difficult to find out the changes if you have not seen the condition of the forest 20 years back. I am thankful to the locals and my fellow members who converted our dream into reality’, another active member of the team Meghu Munda said.
After tying Rakhi the females behave as if they are the real protector of the jungle. “Forget of cutting a tree from the forest when the females do not allow any one to touch the tree”, Budharaja temple trust board member Loknath Panda said.