Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rare kidney failure takes 13 lives in Redhakhol

A total 13 persons have been died during last 3 years due to kidney failure in Podabalanda and Kuhi villages under Sambalpur’s Rairakhol sub-division due to lack of proper medical facilities. The Aam Admi party alleged poverty and lack of awareness led the people to suffer from the deadly diseases. The convener of the party MR Patnaik informed that more than 20 people of the two villages have presently suffered from same kidney problem and they will soon die in case timely medical care is not provided them.
According to him the information collected by his two of the party members who visited the two villages gives a clear picture how poverty and lack of medical care led the patients died one after another. “We are quite surprise to note than there is no step from administration even after death of such a huge number of people from the both villages”, Patnaik alleged.
Patnaik also informed that since the Nephrology department of VSS Medical college hospital is running without doctors, going to Burla becomes meaningless for them. He demanded the health department to collect the sample of the drinking water consumed by the people and find out the cause of kidney failure in the two villages. Submitting a list of the patients, the Aam Admi party appealed the CDMO (Sambalpur) Minakhi Mohanty to take immediate step to save the villagers and find out the reason of suffering the people from the deadly disease.
“ We met the CDMO on Monday and brought the matter into her kind notice. She has assured us to take immediate step to provide treatment to the patients by sending a special team of doctors”, Patnaik said.

Hindu Tazia turns 350 years in Sambalpur

While Muslim community observed Muharrum on Friday, it is the Modipara Tazia of Sambalpur that generated attention for every one because it was organized by an orthodox Brahmin family. The Padhiary family of Modipara revealed that the family organizes
it ever since the first Tazia was brought out by one of forefathers in the year 1664. This is 350th year of celebration for the family which becomes the best example of communal harmony between the two communities. Though it is purely a Muslim’s event, the Hindu family of the town feels it is their family tradition.

“I have been doing this after the death of my father as we feel it is a tradition of our family.This is 350th years of event we undertook this year since the first was brought out in the year 1964,” the elder member of the Padhiary family of Modipara , Lalmohan Padhiary said on Friday (15th November 2013).
Sources said the people of Muslim community observe this to mourn and pay homage to Hassan and Hussein, who became martyrs (about 680 AD) in Karbala desert in Arabia. During the festival, the people of Muslim community injure themselves as a mark to the memory of the two brothers. But for Padhiary family it is just a family tradition and nothing else. They bring out the tazia from Modipara chowk by performing puja in a purely Hindu tradition by breaking coconut. Though there are several Tazia processions of Muslim community, the Modipara Tazia is distinguished by its appearance. The tomb of the Modipara Tazia is red while Tazia of others are white and green.

No late night marriage procession in Sambalpur

Bad news for those bachelors who prefer to make their marriage procession memorable with bursting of crackers and high profile street processions during late night. Beware; you may face trouble in case you make delay in reaching the bridal place, if it is in Sambalpur town, than you have to ensure that you reach the destination before 10 pm.
Sambalpur police have decided to stop marriage procession if that commences after 10 o clocks night. To create awareness about the decision, the police convened a meeting of the senior citizens and business men of the town where senior police officials of the district requested the people to disseminate the police decision to restrict such marriage processions. The police also directed the band party owners and sound system owners to remain alert on it.  “We have given direction to the band party owners and sound system owners to seize their instruments in case of violation of the police direction”, SDPO (Sambalpur) PK Mohapatra.

Police source said public nuisance and criminal activities have been increased in the town during night because of the liberal police action. Police now want to implement state’s loudspeaker action strictly to prevent any of such public nuisances. Times and again we have requested the people to complete the marriage procession in time, but our request remain unattended by the people because of the liberal attitude. “We have already alerted the owners of the band party and sound systems as they are the sources of such nuisance. Once they starts refusing to take part after 10 o clock night problems will be solved automatically”, Mohapatra said.

Sources said, the Odisha loudspeakers act empowers police to seize the sound systems in the absent of any such permission issued by the sub-collector of the area. The sub-collector will be fixed the term and condition as per the situation of the programme where the loudspeaker is to be used. However the act does not prescribe any such time limit.   “It is the duty of the local administration to fix the time. In case any violation, a fine of Rs. 50/- will be imposed on the violator and police will seized the sound system”, the senior lawyer Hrudananda Sarangi said.