Saturday, September 26, 2009

durgapuja medha in sambalpur

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durgapuja in Sambalpur

Beckoning with glittering lights and high-rise Pendals, the Euphoria of ‘Dusherra’ begins in Sambalpur town with the beginning of Durgapuja. Despite ascending in materials cost, pendals are decorated with colourful clothes to erect replica of various monuments of the country. However the Pendal builders do not feel happy with the soaring cost of wooden batten and bamboo that are mainly used for framing high-raised pendals in order to make it eye catching.

“We sustained a huge loss because of the price rise of batten and Bamboo in the recent time. Since it is my hobby and this gives me immense pleasure, I do not want to leave this work. But hardly have I got a return from this work because of the constant price rise”, pendal builder Srikrushna Rath told to TOI while describing his difficulties.

Srikrushna Rath, a local tent house owner described that he got inspire to enter in pendal building trade way back 1997 when he was reading in high school. In those days it was trade confined with in Cuttack and Kolkata traders. Since no local man was in this trade, Rath wanted to test his luck in this trade and began his career 1998 when he got an opportunity of erecting Sakhipara pendal.

“I got inspired from the daggling works that were taken place in the town by the builders of Cuttack and Kolkata when I was reading in a school in Sambalpur. Latter I got an opportunity to do this and now I work for 4 to 5 pendals at a time under my supervision”Rath told. “I do not know how long I will continue to do this work as this is no more a profitable trade”, Rath added

According to him for super finishing he brings artists and labourers from Dhenkanal for which he spends huge some on them. “Though they charge huge amount, by engaging them I can ensure the work in time”, Rath added. .

Like Rath there are few other pendal builders who thing the pendal work has no future because of the constant price rise of the materials. “Though we sustain loss in the pendal works we get some return by using the batten and bamboo in others works such as marriage decoration and VVIP galleries of various political parties. But it depends on the numbers of such work we get in a year”, another builder Bablu Dash told. “More over we do not want to cut off the relation with the members of Puja committees”, Dash added.

On the other hand the Puja committees suffer severe financial difficulties because of poor collection of chandas. Few committees have switched over to selling lottery tickets to increase Puja funds. You just can not depend on collection of donation. “We have few fixed organizations and persons who we request to give donation. But we get a huge fund from lottery works”, a member of the Govindtola puja committee told.

Sources said, Sambalpur town has more than 60/65 Pendals where Durga puja is being organized every years. Out of these, Dhanupali, Govindtola, Budharaja, Dhuturapara, Dhukupara, Laxmi talkies chowck, Aithapali chowck, Kunjelpara, Jharuapara, Sakti club are prominent among others where big budgeted puja is being organized uninterruptedly every year

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GM College student drowned

A student of Gangadhar Meher College Subrat Dhal fears to have drowned in the River Mahanadi in the afternoon of Tuesday at Chipilima, 25 km from here. The incident took place when he along with a group of students of the college were taking bath in the River Mahanadi after visiting the famous Ghanteswari temple located near by.

Police sources said rescue operation was on to search the body of the boy but till evening the police were not successful. “We are searching the body soon we get the information but till evening we remain unsuccessful because of the bad light”, a police officer told.

aurobindo school student died in accident

A student of local Aurobindo School succumbed to his injuries in Hospital after struggling for a week on Sunday. Deceased was injured when a outside boy pelted stone on him while he was coming outside from the school premises after completion of his school examination. School authority how ever does not want to take any responsibility of the incident citing it as an “outside affairs”.

“Since it occurred outside the school we are not at all responsible. However we tried to provide all necessary medical care to the boy soon after we leant about the incident. It is quite unfortunate. He was pelting a stone on a street dog but it hit on the boy”, the school management secretary Manoranjan Patnaik said.

Sources reveled that the boy Abhilash Baragrti was reading in the school in 7th standard. On 15th he was coming out from the school after appearing school examination. But before he could go out he was hit with stone on his face just few yards from the school gate. He fell down with severe bleeding injury.

“An outside boy identified as Pintu Bagarti was pelting stone on a dog but accidentally it was hit the boy. We immediately gave first aid treatment and took to the sadar hospital. But when his condition became critical he was shifted to Burla. Later he was shifted to Bhubaneswar and admitted in Ayush Hospital. But he succumbed to his injuries because was a sickle-cell patient”, the principal of the school Jyotsna Mishra told.

“We are repeatedly asking to the police to clear the front gate of the school from the nuisance of the outsiders at least during the closing hours of the school. But it remains unattained by the police”, principal Mishra alleged.

senior manager of aryan ispat arrested for killing wife for dowry

Sambalpur police arrested a senior level executive of an industrial house of here along with his brother and father in charge of killing his wife on Monday. Police registered a case basing on the complaint of the deceased’s father and forwarded them to the judicial custody on Tuesday. The body of the deceased was cremated in Sambalpur by her family members after completion of autopsy.

Souces said, Kailash Mihsra of Bihar’s Madhubani was working as the senior manager (purchase) of Aryan Ispat limited of Rengali in Sambalpur district. He got married to Preeti, daughter of Ramesh Mishra of Majholia (Bihar) on 17th April 2009. At the time of marriage the bride family supplied all necessary things along with a cash of Rs. 9 lakhs as dowry.“We tried to give all necessary things along with a dowry of Rs. 9 lakhs as per the demand during the marriage. Since Preeti was our only sister we tried to make her happy. But she was being tortured by her in-laws demanding a four wheelers as we could not provide it despite our all efforts”, deceased brother Bipul Mishra told. “On 18th night she tried to talk with me over phone. But her husband snatched the cell phone from her and threw it on the floor. Police seized the broken cell from the spot which would reveal the real situation”, Bipul added a chocked voice.

Accused Kailash resides in Sambalpur with Preeti in a rental house since after the marriage. But she was tortured by her in laws members during their frequent visits to the house. Father in law Syamdeo Mishra, brother in law Dipak Mishra and sister-in law Chanda were present in the house when the incident took place, sources said.

“Preliminary Investigation revealed that in laws members visit Sambalpur frequently and in that ill fated night father-in law, brother-in law and sister in law were present in the house. We arrested the accused Kailash along with his father Syamdeo and brother Dipak u/s 304 B (dowry death). We forwarded the accused to the judicial custody after registered a case against them. We also handed over the deceased body to her family after autopsy”, SP (Sambalpur) Labakanta Rana told

“However we are waiting for the PM report of the deceased to confirm the cause of the death. But the circumstances and the injuries marks on the deceased body revealed that some outer force was made on her before her death”, Rana added.

Sources said, injury marks on her upper body and sign of strangulation on her neck were clearly visible. “Though we found injury mark on her head and neck still it becomes premature to give any comment with out going through the PM report.”, SP (in charge) Labakanta Rana told.

petrol pump looted at gun point

A group of miscreants decamped with cash and gold ornament worth of few lakh on gun point from a petrol pump located near Godbhaga on NH 6, 30 km away from here on Friday night. They also made two round of black fire to terrorize petrol pump staff. They also attacked the owner and cashier on their protest. The police registered a case but failed to nab the accused.

Police sources said the accused entered the petrol pump (auto care centre) in two bikes and made two rounds of blank fires and entered the cabin of the cashier. The miscreants put a gun on the head of the cashier Seshadev Dash and asked to give the money. The owner Roop Narayan Agrawal was present in the cabin along with his family members by that time. The miscreants also put a gun on the head of Prachi, owner’s younger daughter..

‘The miscreants have looted cash of more than a lakh and gold ornaments of the owner’s wife present there. They have managed to flee the place before us. A case has been registered and investigation is on to nab the accused’, a police officer of Attabira police station told.

According to him the looters seems to be local youths of the age group of 19/20 years. “They all were taking in Sambalpuri language and seemed to be locals”, he added

Vigilance busted a racket preparing adulterate diesel

Vigilance sleuths busted a racket that was preparing adulterate petrol and diesel adding kerosene in Sambalpur on Saturday. Surprisingly the place was located just beck side of the Ainthapali police station of the town but the nefarious act was going on unnoticed over the past few years. The vigilance team seized 30 thousand liters of diesel 14 thousand liters of kerosene and various instruments and machines including pump set, gas cutter, wielding machine, drams etc. The team also seized two tankers from the spot.

Sources said, vigilance came to know about it from a tip off and raided the place with out the knowledge of the local police. Named as Birla complex, the place with number of shopping rooms was under the occupation of Durjodhan Kumbhar who was reportedly running the trade along with his brother-in law.

“By cutting the cover hook with the help of gas cutter, they were drawing diesel from the taker with out destroying the company seal and wielded the cover after refilling same amount of kerosene.”, a senior officer of vigilance told. “A case has been registered by collecting sample for chemical examination’, the officer told.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

VSSUT to introduce textile engineering soon

Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology is planning to introduce textile engineering in the institution to strengthen and study of the world famous Sambalpuri fabric. This was disclosed by the vice chancellor of the university Dr. Deb Kumar Tripathy in an exclusive interview with TOI on Friday. Dr. Tripathy joined as the first vice-chancellor of the university on Thursday.

“Burla engineering college is considered to be the oldest engineering college of the state but it remains in the sideline because of the various reasons. Thanks to CM Naveen Patnaik for giving University status to the institution. Our priority will be to make the institution as one of the best of the country and for this we are planning to introduce few new branches of engineering courses. Textile engineering is one among them which will help to strengthen the development of the Sambalpuri fabric. We also plan to introduce Nano-science technology, Bio-medical engineering and surgical engineering soon”, the vice chancellor Dr Tripathy told.

According to him, several modification and changes are to be taken place in the infrastructure of the institution once it becomes university. But since it requires lot of expenditure we want to change it in phase manner. “I am meeting the industry secretary soon to place our immediate requirement. I am hopeful the government would give proper attention to solve the problem of the institution. We have shortage of faculty members. About 44 new faculty members are required immediately. So we advertise this in our website and soon we are able to fill up the posts”, Dr. Tripathy told.

It may be mentioned here that the Burla engineering college, established in the year 1957 is considered as the oldest engineering college of the state. The institution becomes one of the best institutions in the country with in few years. but due to government apathy the institution remains in the side line. It comes under BPUT in the year 2002 after the formation of the technology university. But government declares it as a ‘unitary university’ in 2009 in view of the demand of the students and local people. CM Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the new University in last February. Government appointed Ganapati Panda as the VC but he did not turn up. Later government appointed Dr. Tripathy as the VC who joined here on Thursday. Prior to taking over the charge, Dr. Tripathy was working as senior faculty of IIT Kharagpur and director of NIT, Waraggal for couple of years.

devotees throng samalai temple on Mahalaya

Thousands of devotees throng in to the temple of Maa Samaleswari, the presiding deity of Sambalpur region to pay ‘dersan’ of the deity’s “Dhawalamukhi” (white-costume) on the eve of Mahalaya on Friday. Elaborate arrangement was made by the temple trust to ensure the comfort of the devotees coming across the state and neighboring Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

Sources said the presiding deity of Sambalpur Ma Samaleswari remains in red-costume round the year except on the day of Mahalaya when the costume of the deity changes to white. The sebayats and priests of the temple remain busy in the previous night for hours together to prepare the costume of the deity. During the Dusherra, the deity changes to various costume in every day. But on Mahalaya the deity’s costume becomes white as it is believed to be most pious one. On Friday when the temple was opened for the devotees at 4 o clock morning it was seen that thousands of devotees were already present in the temple gate for Darsan. Elaborate police arrangement was made to ensure peaceful darsan.

Sources said the devotees were waiting in long queue outside the temple to pay ‘darsan’ of the deity.” Special arrangement has been made to give comfort to the devotees during their long queue on the eve of Mahalaya. For the parking of vehicles of devotees coming from the far distance of Andhra and Chhatishgarh, arrangement have been made at the backside of the temple” trust board chairman Sadashiv Mahapatra told.

It is believed that darsan dhawalamukhi (white costume) is equivalent to “Ganga” darsan. So a large number of devotees come on the day to have a glimpse of the white costume. “Dhawalamukhi besha of maa Samaleswari is considered as most pious one as it comes only on the day of Mahalaya. The white costume of Maa Samaleswari is equivalent to Ganga darsan and one can get the same result of Ganga darsan” a priest of the temple Pitamber Rai told

Monday, September 14, 2009

wesco office ransacked by its workers

Agitating employees of the WESCO went rampage and ransacked its corporate office at Burla on Monday alleging apathetic attitude of the management towards them. They were sitting in a demonstration under the banner of Hira GED workers union, in support of their 4 charters demands. The agitators went violent when they learnt about the absent of the CEO in his office despite their prior notice.

“We had already circulated our demonstration notice to the CEO of Wesco and other officials with a request to remain present in the office for a constructive solution of our demands. But surprisingly the CEO went Bhubanewar on the previous night with out considering the demands of the employees. This was sufficient to enrage the employees. So what happened was the reflection of the anguish of the employees”, the president of the Hira GTD workers union Lalit Nayak told.

According to him the union has been fighting against the policy of the WESCO since its inception as the company does not consider the service condition of its employees. Company has engaged contractual employee through outsourcing. Several posts are lying vacant and the management does not take step to fill up the vacancy.

“We wanted to discuss these problems with the CEO of the company on Monday soon after completion of our demonstration. But it was not possible because the CEO went to Bhubaneswar on the previous night with out considering the fate of hundreds employees”, the president of the union Nayak said.

“How ever we are ready for further discussion with the WESCO management to solve the problems of the employees. But incase the management does not take the matter seriously we warn the management for bigger consequences”, Nayak told. On the other hand the CEO of Wesco Prasant Pradhan was not available for his comment.

police nabbed 2 with fire arms in Burla

Police arrested 2 persons of a gang and seized 2 illegal arms with a live cartridge from their possession while the miscreants were inside the VSS medical Hospital campus on Monday. The two were wanted by the police in connection with the firing incident occurred on the previous night at Khetrajpur area where two sustained bullet injuries. Sambalpur police had already arrested a person in the firing incident. Police apprehend a link with the miscreant in the illegal arm trade that was going on in the town.

Sources said, few members belong to one gang were assembled in Khetrajpur area on Sunday while they had a hot discussion over some silly matter. One Kanha barged with a country made pistol poked on another Persons of the gang. It got fired while the other person was trying to snatch it. Both sustained minor injuries.

When we got the information we chased the gang and nabbed Kanha in the night. Basing on his information we caught another two from the Burla hospital along with the fire arms”, SDPO (Sambalpur) D K Deo told.

Police identified them as notorious criminals of Sambalpur Subash Kalet and Muna Amat and they were wanted by the police in various cases pending against them in different police stations of the town. “We have registered cases against the accused persons and they will be forwarded to the judicial custody on Tuesday”, SDPO Deo told.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cop busted fake spices factory in Bargarh

The Bargarh police busted 3 ‘fake spices factory’ inside the town on Saturday where preparation of adulterate spices was going on since a long time. Police also seized huge quantity of contaminated items including colour, chemicals grinding machines, brick-powder, rice-powder that were mixed to prepare the spices. Bargarh police registered cases against the owners but failed to arrest them as they managed to abscond from the spot.

Police sources said, police got information on a tip off and raided the godown belongs to Binod Agrawal, Ram Nivash Agrawal and Dulichand Sawanria where police seized huge quantity of low quality turmeric, zira (cumin seeds) and dhania (coriander seeds) along with brick powder, rice powder and other chemical powder.. Police also seized packing and stitching machines and grinders from the godowns.

“Fake spices in the name of Maharaja, Balaji, Jai Jagannath and Lalkilla was prepared in these godowns since a long time. We have sealed these places. We will send sample of these items to laboratory for chemical examination”, the in-charge SP (Bargarh) B K Dash told. “We have registered cases against the accused persons but failed to arrest them as they managed to abscond before our raids”, Dash added.

On the other hand people allege that such activity can not run with the active support of the local police. “There are many such godowns in the town where fake food stuffs and items are being prepared and marketed by several unscrupulous merchants. Such activities can not run with out the knowledge of police”, a local business told on anonymity.

Meanwhile, the post of SP of Bargarh district is lying vacant since last 13 days as no one has been posted after the retirement of former SP Ashok Biswal. Since the district does not have a additional SP, the SDPO is presently in charge of the SP.

court declared Paikmal accused as 'fugitive'

In the much hyped Paikmal ‘gang rape’ incident, a judicial court has declared the accused persons as ‘fugitive’ and decides to attach their movable and immovable property if case they are not surrendered before 5th October 2009. The local police circulated the court notice to the family members of the accused and pasted it in front of their respective houses and made announcement in crowded places by beating drums (degura) on Saturday.

“disposing the application of the CB police on 5th September, the SDJM court of Padmapur (Bargarh district) declared the accused persons of the Paikmal gang rape case as ‘fugitive’ u/s 80 Cr PC, following their non-appearance despite of having non-bailable warrant against them”, SDPO ( Padmapur) JP Mahapatra told. According to him the court notice describes that properties (both movable and immovable) belong to the accused persons will be attached incase they do not surrender before the court before 5th Oct.

Sources said, a 24 years unmarried Dalit girl of Bhukhamunda under Paikmal police station of the Bargarh district was allegedly gang raped on Monday (11th May) while she went to the Paikmal block office to meet the block chairman Mahesh Agrawal in connection to an employment of Anganwadi post. The chairman allegedly exploited her sexually and sent her with one Gananidhi Nag who took her to a godown of Sajan Agrawal where 3 persons including Gunanidhi, Sajan, and Pintu Pradhan raped her. Later she was taken to another place where two namely Kunal Singh Bariha and Kamalesh Sribastav raped her. Basing on the complaint of the victim girl Paikmal police registered a case against the accused persons including the block chairman Mahesh Agrawal, but failed to arrest any one as they managed to flee after the incident.

The incident triggered sharp criticism against the tribal minister Bijay Ranjan Singh Bariha for allegedly putting official pressure on the local police to hush up the incident. He was also criticized for shielding the accused persons. While accused Kunal was his nephew, Chairman Mahesh Agrawal was a close aide of the minister. But taking the issue seriously, government handed over the case to the CB police for further investigation and Crime branch police arrested one of the accused Gunanidhi from Raipur soon it took over the investigation.

On the other hand the prime accused Mahesh Agrawal has been remained absconded after his completion of the high court interim bail. The court has passed NBW against him. “The court passed NBW against prime accused Mahesh Agrawal following his non-appearance in the court after completion of the high court interim bail. Court will take same procedure against him incase he fails to appear in the court in subsequent dates”, SDPO (Padmapur) told.

Meanwhile the Bargarh police have submitted a report to the NHRC in the rape case. The victim lady had appeared before NHRC a month ago in Bhubaneswar to seek justice in the gang rape incident, sources said.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

school suspended 5 students for drugging teachers

A local public school has recently suspended 5 mischievous students from the school for drugging teachers on the teachers’ day. They mixed toxic-stuff (bhang) in the cold drink during the school function held on the eve of teachers’ day on 5th September. 3 teachers including two females felt ‘uneasiness’ after taking the drink. The school management took this ‘action’ after a student confessed his guilty.

Sources said, the students of the local Gurunanak Public school had organized a programme on the eve of teachers’ day on 5th September. They distributed refreshment to the teachers during the function. During the function cold drink was also served to the teachers. But few mischievous students of 10th standards had mixed ‘bhang’ in the cola unnoticed to any one. At least 3 teachers including two females felt ‘uneasy’ after consuming the cold drink.

“Initially it was difficult to know the reason of their uneasiness. But from the symptom it was cleared that some intoxicant stuff was mixed with the cold drink. When we enquire into the matter a student confessed his ‘guilty’ and informed that they did it only for enjoyment”, the secretary of the school management Mr. Kamaljit Singh told.

According to him the school committee wanted to suspend the ‘guilty’ students from the school for ‘indefinite’ period but looking to their future career the committee would take a decision to consider their case “We informed their parents immediately and explained them about their mischievous act. We also cautioned them to ‘rusticate’ from the institution incase they show such act in future”, Mr. Kamaljit Singh, the management committee secretary told.

On the other hand the parents of the guilty students appealed the management committee to become lenient on the students. They have requested the management and school principal to pardon the students as they did it out of fun and anxiety with out knowing the consequences. “we have requested the school management to take lenient view on them as they are going to appear 10th board with in few months” a parent told.

Meanwhile psychologists feel the environment and TV serials are mainly responsible for the changing behavior of the students. “For the changing behavior of the students, the modern equipments like TV, mobile and internet are mainly responsible. The family situation and living style will mainly reflect on their behavior”, the senior professor of Gangadhar Meher College Dr. Chapala Mishra told