Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blame is on the chili-powder and not on the police

The run-away of a hardcore and interstate accused Roshan Pratap alias Bablu from the court premises while he was in police custody on Tuesday has really exposed the standard of police intelligence that functioning in the district. Though police came to know minute after his absconding, police were unable to foil his plan giving a severe blow to the entire police force of the district. People asked why police were not having a full prove security arrangement while he was taken outside the jail.
Sources said, the Roshan Pratap was the kingpin of the ‘Jewellry world’ decoity that occurred in February 2008 where huge amount of valuable ornaments of gold and diamond was taken away by the miscreants on the gun point. Than also police remained unsuccessful to track down the accused persons although having information about the incident with in few minutes.
“It was the close circuit-camera that was really helpful for the police to trace the identity of the accused persons. From the pictures recorded in the camera we came to know the involvement of the inter-state accused persons in the incident. But it took nearly 6 months to solve the case and to recover the ornaments”, a senior retired police officer Dinabandhu Patel said. Patel was than Deputy Superintendent of Police of Sambalpur.
According to him, the accused could not have taken such a step, had police officials of the district realized the pain and hard job rendered to nab the hardcore accused. “Every one of the department more or less knows the past record of the criminal Bablu who had once killed a jail warder in Jharkhand to break the jail”, Patel said.
“It is lack of supervision on the part of senior police officer and negligent attitude of the havildar and constables deployed”, former police officer Patel asserted.
On the other hand, the district police department has one intelligence wing led by an officer of DSP rank. The office is functioning inside the residence of the superintendent of police. The wing is supposed to gather information regarding secret development in each and every crime taken place in the district to improve the police action. But DIB (District Intelligence Bureau) seemed to have failed in this incident to gather prior information regarding the movement of the accused. “We have our own source to track down criminals as DIB hardly provide us any valuable information”, says one inspector of a police station of the district.
Meanwhile, the town police registered a case and arrested 2 persons reportedly helping the accused to flee from the police custody. Police have also seized one motor-cycle that was purchased by a criminal of Jharkhand who came to Sambalpur to help accused Bablu to escape from the police custody. Police have also failed to nab him who is reportedly ‘hatched’ the plot to rescue ‘Bablu’ from the police custody. We tried to contact the SP (Sambalpur) Asheet Panigrahi but his cell phone is remained switched off ever since the incident happens

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